HOSA Qualifies 8 for State

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) students competed in tests and a variety of virtual competitions with the top three finishers qualifying for state.

State Qualifiers:

Health Care Issues Exam: top 10% advance to State: Trevor Burk, Tirth Patel

Mia Perez- Extemporaneous Writing 1st place

Natalie Chavez- Prepared Speaking 1st place

Cassie Argento Bird- Veterinary Science 1st place 

Ella Smith- Physical Therapy 3rd place 

Makenna Blakesley-Medical Spelling 3rd place 

Connor Johnson-Health Informatics 3rd place

Other Top finishers:

Amanda Davis-Behavioral Health 5th place

Margot Hetzel- Human Growth & Development 4th place

Shaun Kurian- Medical Math 4th place

Alyssa Stradling- Medical Reading 4th place

Bailey Inglish- Medical Reading 5th place

Julie Davis/Addison Dixon-CERT SKILLS Team Event 4th place

Kate Wenzel/Mackenzie Sutton- Emergency Medical Technician Team Event- 4th place 

Hailey Jarvis- Health Career Photography 4th place

Sydney Richard-Prepared Speaking 5th place

Priya Chandrani- Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking 4th place

photo by Izzy Roske

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