Valentines Day Q&A

Annually, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. All in the name of love. The day has come to be celebrated by couples, and significant others, but it doesn’t have to be. Celebrate it with your parents, or your friends, no matter who it’s with because the day is all about love. 

When you think of Valentine’s day, what thought comes to your mind?

Gena Martel- When I think of valentines day, I think of it as cheesy and a little stupid. I feel like you shouldn’t have one day dedicated to the people you love. If you love someone then you love them. Just tell them. When Valentine’s day rolls around, there’s so much pressure. You have to go all out and buy people items to “show your love.” I think it makes people stupid and selfish and they get hurt if they do not recieve anything.

Sara Dunn- When I think Valentine’s day, my mind goes straight to cupid, and to love and candy and gifts. 

Caeden Morris- Valentine’s Day is nice, but it makes me sad, when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of my ex.

Is there a certain thing you do every Valentine’s day?

Gena Martel- I have never had any traditions on Valentine’s day; I never really did anything. I used to cry, but I think it’s funny now.

Sara Dunn- I have never really done anything traditionally on Valentine’s day because it has mostly just been a day to hang out with my friends and relax. I just enjoy the holiday and the candy.

Caeden Morris- Not really, I usually treat it as any other day. I congratulate couples, but that’s about it. 

Do you get gifts from your parents or have you ever gotten any from a significant other?

Gena Martel- I have never gotten a gift from a significant other on Valentine’s day, but I have gotten gifts from my moms. They normally give me a card, or stuffed animal with candy and wish me Happy Valentines Day with a kiss.

Sara Dunn- I always get gifts from my parents. My mom gets me a balloon and a stuffed animal and my dad always gives me flowers and candy.

Caeden Morris- My parents have given me candy before when I was younger, and I have gotten gifts from significant others at the time.

What is your ideal Valentine’s day?

Gena Martel- My ideal Valentine’s day would be just hanging out with my boyfriend. We don’t need to do anything, or go out. We could just stay home and watch a movie, just the two of us.

Sara Dunn- I get up and pick up my friends, then go to HEB and buy snacks. I’d love to get all dressed up and go to the ark for a picnic.

Caeden Morris- My ideal Valentine’s Day would be to spend it with someone I like, watching a movie and eating candy.

By Brooklyn Hagblom, staff writer

Featured photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash

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