What’s Up With Frank Ocean?

Recently, Frank Ocean completely wiped his Instagram account. This is weird because he had pictures dating back to 2015 on there. Typically, when an artist does this, it signifies a new era coming, usually followed by a new album or single. But what does this mean for Frank Ocean? His most recent release was two singles, Cayendo and Dear April, on March 25. However, his most recent album, Blond, was released Aug. 2016. The gap between Ocean’s first project, Channel Orange, and Blond was about 4 years. If he follows the pattern of his last release, an album must be releasing soon right? Well, it’s not that easy with Frank. We could get an album in five years or tomorrow morning, you never really know. Though, some are speculating that this could mean Ocean is done with music, following the death of his little brother Ryan Breaux. However, I think that’s pretty unlikely, given that music is his passion, it wouldn’t make much sense for Frank to stop now. Whatever we get whenever we get it, I know it will blow everyone away, as that seems to be what Ocean does.

By Abby Tredway, Staff Writer

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