An Uncertain Future: School Clubs Have Difficulty Planning Ahead

In the past few months, many programs here at DSHS have changed their competitive activities in light of COVID. In some cases, the future plans of programs are uncertain, as adapting to the situation brings to light.

“The competitions that we have coming up are UIL Solo and Ensemble Festival and UIL Concert and Sightreading,”  Band director Derek Woods said, “Both of these events are somewhat up in the air as to how they’ll be accomplished due to COVID-19 safety concerns.”

With the beginning of the new semester at this school (which will continue to the end of the year), most programs and clubs have had a rough fall season in light of the pandemic. However, the structure and activities of each program makes them unique in how they operate.

“At this point in time, we’re still not sure how spring competitions will go,” Courtney Nevas of the Choir program said. “Our TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) All-State Choir Auditions have been completely virtual this school year.”

This is an observation seen by most students, including personally with Speech & Debate. Multiple programs have little to nothing going on, as COVID has made the future uncertain. The LEAP (the school’s environmental awareness club) is planting a new garden, while HOSA is planning a Grand Awards Ceremony for their competitions in the lecture hall (on February 10). Overall, most competitions are conducted and judged via online sessions, with the judge viewing a specific round and deciding who did better.

“We have our big county show coming up in 2 weeks and will have some results at that time,” FFA director Jordan Blount said.

However, despite the difficulties, there have been some successes. 

“We are now in the final round of competition, called Area,” Courtney Nevas said, “this is the audition which will determine whether a student earns a spot in the Texas All-State Choir, which is the highest honor a high school choir student can achieve.”

Overall, this school year has been tough. However, as previously stated, it is not without considerable achievements.

“We have 13 students who are competing in Area this week,” Nevas said, “which is a school record, and the results will be announced this Saturday*.”

*results were announced January 23. See the results HERE

By Alec Stuart, News Editor

Featured photo by Riordan Tiller

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