Injury Impact: Greater Effort Needs to Be Made to Prevent Damage in Athletics

It is no secret that sports-related injuries are a common occurrence at the high school level. It happens to most athletes at least once in their athletic careers and has been debated at our school who is to be held accountable for these injuries. 

The coaches at DSISD take diligent measures to prevent injuries from occurring in their athletes. Coaches at our school make sure to partake in recovery days, such as yoga to help their muscles after a competition. 

 Dripping springs coaches, along with prioritizing recovery, have demonstrated encouragement of healthy diets. Coach Harlow stated in an interview that she encourages her athletes to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. 

A very important part of being an athlete is weight training and foam rolling. Coach Amrine stressed that they teach their athletes how to safely lift weights with proper form as well as foam roll their muscles to assist with recovery.

Based on a conversation with multiple coaches, they are doing everything in their power to prevent injury. So where is the problem occurring?

Most likely the problem is occurring in the athletes not fully understanding why preventative measures are being taken. If an individual does not understand why something is important, they are less likely to take it seriously. 

Perhaps these sports injuries are being caused by athletes not fully understanding and complying with the preventative measures that are being put in place. The coaches provide students with knowledge on how to foam roll and properly take care of their muscles and bodies. The coaches can provide athletes with proper information, but they can’t go home with their students to make sure they’re following guidelines.

The coaches should do everything they can to educate their students on how and why they take preventative measures such as foam rolling, stretching, and warming up, but there is only so much we can expect of the coaches before it becomes the athletes’ responsibility.

By Sam Moore, Co Editor-in-Chief

Featured photo by Ariela Barron

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