Top Posts of 2020

2020 has been a wild year for everyone, and is filled with firsts. And this year, My DSHS News is proud to announce the first ever Top Posts of 2020. These posts and stories are what did the best at mydshs.com over the 2020 year.

10. Where’s the Goat? Travis Crain Still Missing

Originally appearing in the April satirical edition of the Paw Print, this article, written by former staff writer Grant Williams, provides a funny commentary on the former basketball and creative writing teacher, who left DSHS for Marble Falls last year.

9. 19 Seniors Health Science Certified

Last semester, 19 seniors passed their certification exams, a record breaking number. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person exams were canceled and had to be moved online.

8. ROAR Freshman FAQ

The start of school in the 2020-2021 year was one for the record books, with the first ever total remote learning. For freshman, that left even more questions, between transitioning to high school and transitioning to online learning. The ROAR FAQ came in eighth place for the most viewed posts in 2020.

7. Remote Learning When You Have ADHD

Originally appearing in the May edition of the Paw Print, former staff writer Madeline Tredway explored how ADHD was impacting students during the spring remote learning. Cassie, a now graduated senior, explains her story with ADHD, and how remote learning doesn’t work for her.

6. We Have It When We Had It: Parking Banned Starting April 1

Originally appearing in the April satirical edition the Paw Print, this article provides sarcastic and witty commentary over the parking situation that plagued the 2019-2020 school year, as most of D-lot was closed due to construction. This article was written by now Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor Cady Russell.

5. Hoops and Hopes: Senior Caroline Gamble Outlines Experiences as a Student Athlete

Originally appearing in the December issue of the Paw Print, this article quickly rose through the ranks, shooting to number five of the year in 16 days. Written by Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor Cady Russell, this article outlines senior Caroline Gamble, who is not only a varsity athlete but in the top 10 of the senior class and hopes to attend Yale.

4. Process of Committing: Trace Young on College Basketball

Originally appearing in the March edition of the Paw Print, this article profiled graduate Trace Young, who committed to Colorado State University. It followed his journey as a basketball player, and just how he got the chance to play college ball. Written by former Sports Editor Rigley Willis.

3. Picture Day Information

Picture day was very different this year. With half the students remote learning, some portraits were taken outside, and people had to figure when to come and what protocols were in place. This brand new way of doing picture day lands this post in number three for the entire year.

2. POETRY: The New Normal

Written by eighth period GT/PAP English II Kaatz class in May, this class poem highlights not only the struggles that has come forth with the pandemic, but also the hope, the power, and what we dream of, while giving thanks to those who risk their lives every day to protect the community.

1. Parents Take a Stand: Is TikTok a Satanic Hoax?

Originally appearing in the April satirical edition of the Paw Print, this article took the school by storm, as Tik Tok reached new heights in popularity. Offering witty and often out-of-this-world commentary on the popular app, students and parents alike laughed at the article’s near absurdity. With 1,814 online views alone, that lands this article in the top spot. Written by former Maddie Lewis, staff writer.

By Cady Russell, Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor

Featured photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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