Rockin Around, the Christmas Tree: Students Share Their Ornament Traditions

“My most favorite decoration is the Angel, the normal secular Christmas tree is fake or real with a star on top, but my family uses an Angel that has been used ever since my parents got married. It holds much value because it represents the ways of God, and allows us to remember its history as it has served us ever since I was born.” – Trenton Anthony

“We have a lot of special ornaments on our tree because it isn’t like “themed” so i’ll just name a few. We have the usual baby picture in different shape like every single white family but something that I love about our tree is that we have a bunch of random initials of different themes like there’s some that are candy canes and some are just polka dots. Lastly, we have one smaller tree that is a fake tree (our main one is a real one we pick out as a family every year) and the smaller tree is Texas tech themed. I have always hated it which is kind of funny but my mom and dad both went to Texas Tech so they love it there and I don’t know if every college does this but Tech has an annual Christmas ornament every year that you can buy and they’re a different design each year. Ever since my parents got married my dad’s parents have given them the annual ornament from Tech so we have a whole tree dedicated to those ornaments amongst other TTU themed ones.” – Emma Vannoy

“An ornament that means a lot to me is actually one that I made myself. In preschool, 11 years ago, they gave us sand dollars for us to decorate however we wanted to turn into ornaments. How did I decorate mine? I doused it with light pink glitter. Every year I get excited when I see the shimmery sand dollar sitting in the ornament box waiting to be hung up. Nothing screams four-year-old me more than a glittery pink sand dollar, so I really get a kick out of the nostalgia.” – Taylor Barnett 

“On the Christmas tree, we have one ornament that looks like a tiny nutcracker holding an even smaller nutcracker and I’m not sure why, but it makes me very happy to look at. There is absolutely no backstory to it other than my parents bought it with a set and ever since then it has been my favorite.” -Amelia Medina

By Serria Trbovich, staff writer

Featured photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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