Frost, Fun, Family: Students Share Their Favorite Festivities

Christmas is a time to spend time with family and friends. Maybe it’s hanging around the fire, or giving, or eating delicious meals. It’s different for everyone, everyone has different Christmas traditions while some people have the same. Christmas traditions have been around for decades now; decorating the tree, baking treats, et cetera. 

“For Christmas, my family and I wake up super early in the morning to open Christmas presents. We don’t really do special meals for Thanksgiving, but we go all out for Christmas with ham, this one green bean dish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (they’re not my favorite but still pretty good),” sophomore Amelia Medina said. “After lunch, we usually tend to go our separate ways for a while until dinner, when we have leftovers or easy to make food because we’re still tired from making lunch.”

Some popular Christmas traditions that many do around the world can include Advent calendars, sending yearly Christmas cards, Elf on the Shelf, and so many more. 

“As a Christian, as well as my whole family is Christian, I follow Christ’s ways of teachings and law strictly on some certain occasions. I am a traditionalist Christian, so Christmas is very important to me and my family,” sophomore Trenton Anthony said. “Our usual tradition is starting up the gas fireplace on Christmas Eve no matter the temperature outside, and then we watch either a “Santa” tracker or we watch a classic Christmas film like Home Alone, or any other cool Christmas movie. Come morning if our dad is home we all wake up at eight and sit down patiently on the couch and begin selfishly opening up our stocking filled with candy and small gifts. Then we begin opening up presents one by one that are selected by our loving parents. Then we begin cleaning up after the day is over, we all say prayer before feasting on our Christmas day meal that is specially cooked, and we thank God for the amount of love he has given us this year. Before the 25th of December, we hang up lights on our house and use huge snowmen as blowups in our front yard. Christmas is the most special holiday in our family as it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.”

There are different traditions all around the world, lots of people celebrating different things, and what might seem insane to us, is normal for them. In the Philippines during the holidays they do a giant lantern festival, while in Austria they do something called Krampus where a  “demon” roams the city streets and scares people into the spirit. 

“Pretty much every year we alternate between my moms parents and my dads parents and if we don’t go to one of them for Christmas, we go to their house for Thanksgiving. On Christmas Eve when we are with my moms parents we go to church that night, then come home and have a huge meal, then we all get matching pajamas that we get to open on Christmas Eve so we wake up for presents in the morning all matching,” sophomore Emma Vannoy said. “That’s really the only thing I can think of that happens on Christmas but something else we usually do is just my mom, grandma, sister and I, we pick a day around a week before Christmas and bake every single kind of cookie you could imagine. My favorite kind and the one we make the most of, are called meringues and they are the best thing ever and we only make them around Christmas so they’re very special.” 

If you don’t have a Christmas tradition, why not try finding one? It’s never too late to start something new. You can reach out to friends and family and find out what they do and take ideas from that! Don’t be afraid to get into the Christmas spirit! 

By Serria Trbovich, staff writer

Featured photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

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