All in on Among Us: New Game Allows for Socially Distant Bonding

Tiny characters’ footsteps echo throughout the ship. Crewmates finish tasks and try to stay alive. One imposter lies among them. The imposter has lies, schemes, and murder in their hands. Will they find the imposter before it’s too late?

Among Us has become very popular for teens. The app has been talked about by the students causing downloads to rise within September of 2020. Among Us has become the new way of bonding during these socially distanced times.

“It’s a fun way to pass time because a lot of games we can’t do anymore, because we have to stay six feet apart,” freshman Gabi Bastone said. “We can’t interact at this time because of COVID, so with Among Us we can sit in our chairs, have fun and play.”

One to three imposters are chosen randomly while the crewmates try to finish tasks and figure out who the imposter is before they are killed.

“I guess it gives us teamwork because you are trying to work together in a way and it’s kind of fun in that aspect of working together on a video game, it’s kind of funny,” Bastone said.

Among Us being not only a game, but a teamwork building app for students to learn how to find evidence and clues to who the imposter might be.

“I’m a bad procrastinator, so sometimes I can play a few games and have that fun,” Bastone said. “Because if I’m watching Netflix I’ll just keep watching, but with Among Us I can just play a few games, have some fun, and I’ll be able to stop and get back to work.”

Among Us helps with stress and relaxation because students can play a couple of rounds of the game and finish their work.

“It helps people get closer because you’re talking more,” Bastone said, “I feel like with masks some people avoid talking to other people.”

With COVID-19 being a current threat to our world, the pandemic stops interaction and bonding, but Among Us allows students to talk, work together and have fun.

“You have to work together to figure out who the traitor is, and you have to be smart about it because otherwise you sound suspicious,” junior Gideon Mullins said.

Among Us makes students think about what their next move will be, either being the crewmate or imposter and causes strategies to be made.

“I think it’s going to be something that’s going to be remembered,” Mullins said.

Among Us has become the new app that helps people come together no matter who you are, and the app should be remembered for this.

“There is so much to think about when you’re playing, so in the moment it is stressful and it’s kind of fun to be able to think a lot,” Bastone said. “And he fact that I talk to people that I normally wouldn’t, I think those are the two best things about the app.”

By Kailey Nutt, Contributor

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