Take a Closer Seat: Inside Lesser Watch Sports

Every sport is unique in its own way. In Texas, certain sports are capitalized more than others, such as; football, basketball, baseball, and others. However, this school has many other sports that are just as good.


For the past several years, the tennis team has made it to districts, bi-districts, areas, and all the way to regionals. However, they would fall short by a few points to Alamo Heights in the regionals a few times.

“We are in the middle of the fall season, but an accomplishment this season has been advancing as 3rd into the playoffs.” junior Gwendolyn Bailey said.

Tennis is a growing sport in Texas, yet it does not have a wide fan-base compared to sports like football.

“In our school (as well as the rest of the U.S.), tennis does not have as wide a fan base as other sports, such as football or basketball,” senior Aidan Johannson said. “However, with the rest of the world, tennis is pretty big, with large tournaments like Wimbledon gaining a lot of viewership. Tennis is also more popular in other countries than it is here, so it has a wider fan base in other parts of the world.”

Tennis can be looked at as an individual sport. However, there are still doubles matches and can be a team support.

Junior Corbin Adcox said, “In general, I love tennis because it’s a sport where I can be playing for myself, for the team, and supporting the team all at the same time.”


Powerlifting is a sport that requires a lot of strength, focus, and accuracy, to perform three types of lifts; squat, bench press, and deadlift. One little mistake can cause an incomplete lift or an injury.

“Powerlifting is unique in the way that it is tons of outside training,” senior Simone Swanson said. “A lot of competitive powerlifters are in the gym two times a day, six days a week, for two to three hours each session.”

Over the past years, many of the competitors in powerlifting have made it as far as to state and broke many school records and often have not been adequately recognized in our schools’ media.

“If we were to compare the fan base of powerlifting to football or basketball, then definitely not. I would describe it as modest,” Swanson said. “I would say a majority of our fans actually compete in powerlifting or have competed in the past, which is a unique concept.”


Up north in the United States is where lacrosse is the most popular. However, in recent years lacrosse has been growing in popularity around Texas.

“Over the past few years, some games we would get a bunch [of fans], and sometimes we would only have families.” junior Lucy Tyo said.

The girls’ lacrosse team has made it as far as districts, and the boys’ lacrosse team has made it as far as state in the past. This sport is a team sport and requires a lot of group effort.

“I love my sport because of the family and the standards we hold ourselves up to,” senior Nathan Pruitt said. “The others around me really push me to get better and become a better player.”


Texas is one of the top states for competing and training for swimming. Our school has had many swimmers make it to state and a handful win state. Not much is known about this because the coverage of swimming at our school has been lacking.

“My accomplishments are that I’ve made varsity all four years and have been to regional meets every year, and hopefully this year,” senior Kasen Embrey said. “We have been pretty consistent on getting to regionals and won state my freshman year.”

There is more to swimming than meets the eye. It requires a lot of technique, dedication, and consistency, and hours of training in the pool.

“It [swim] uses a lot of different muscles that some sports don’t work so that it may seem easy, but it’s actually so hard,” Embrey said. “Knowing that even the slightest mess up can ruin the one race you’re working for all year.”

By Evelyn Peterson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Featured photo by Olivia Funk

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