DEMO is Here: Into The Group Livestreaming Sports

Want to watch the game but don’t want to leave your house? The Dripping Entertainment Media Organization (DEMO) has got your back! 

DEMO is a live streaming service that provides a safe way for parents and students to enjoy our school’s sports from anywhere. 

The goal of DEMO is to provide live entertainment to the parents and spectators of the Dripping Springs community,” Safety and Events Manager Curt Marek said. 

Last year a group of seniors who interned at UT Football working on LED boards for the Longhorns started DEMO, due to the circumstances of this year, the organization has come in handy as a platform for students to showcase their abilities and serve the community. 

DEMO is an initiative to mitigate potential COVID exposure in a live spectator experience,” Marek said. 

Currently, DEMO is only covering athletic events in the stadium or gym but is hoping to expand to other events. Students operate the cameras in the press box for junior varsity and freshman football games, field cameras for varsity games, and in the gym at volleyball games. 

Roles are very flexible and everyone is learning how to do a little bit of everything and also what position they like best,” staff member Mackenzie Cunningham said.

The organization is using a program called Productions Truck to live stream events and various types of technology like iPads and Sony cameras.  

DEMO is a great opportunity for students interested in learning AV Tech, Broadcasting, and soon Marketing to gain real-world experience in a ground-level program,” Marek said.

The organization is staying safe while helping the community stay safe, masks are mandatory for the staff and there is hand sanitizer is available in the press box, the gyms, and on the field. 

“We are required to wear masks when we film, but luckily there is usually only one person working each camera so we are pretty distant,” staff member Mattie Gretzinger said.

Students are encouraged to join if they are looking for an opportunity to earn service hours and are interested in technology and camera work. 

DEMO is super fun so far and I’m excited to see how this organization grows,” Cunningham said. “Something I’d like the student body to know is that if you are truly interested in joining you should.”

*If you are interested in watching a live stream, DEMO is currently streaming on the high school athletics site.

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Teagan Krewson

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