Stay Home? Stay Connected? Students Decided Which Course of Action is Best for Them

Due to the world’s most recent pandemic, students at Dripping Springs High School have two options when it comes to returning to campus. They are either able to come back to school or continue with remote learning like the end of last year and the beginning four weeks of the 2020-2021 school year. Many students are on edge about it. Most stay home to stay safe, while others take the journey back to school facing exposure to a fatal virus to learn better, and ease into more social interactions. Students are expected to slowly begin to return to campus.

For most students, it is very hard to work at home. From a disruptive family, more freedom to be distracted, and no teacher there to easily ask questions, a lot of students find it difficult to stay on top of things and keep their grades up. Going back to school can solve all these problems. With a teacher there in the classroom teaching students, it makes it easy to get up and ask a question. They are expected to finish their homework, and given a set time to work on it with teachers there watching them, keeping them on track. 

Going back to school can also help switch back to our normal routine pre-COVID. Our lives have been shaken up. Last school year, the students finished their 2019-2020 school year with remote learning. Sports seasons were cut short, competitions were canceled, businesses were closed, and the community was under lockdown. Going back to school, getting back into a routine may be very beneficial to students.

Another main reason for returning to campus would be socializing. Since the quarantine, many people haven’t seen their good friends for months. Going back to school, remaining socially distanced, could help get back into a routine and working together. Although zoom calls have break-out rooms, these are not the same as communicating with your peers in real life.

Although, besides all the reasons on why it would be beneficial to return to school, there are still many things that can cause a student to want to stay home, remaining quarantined. One of these would be their family member or loved one is a high risk, and if a student were to bring that kind of exposure to their home, it could be fatal. However, reconsidering returning to campus could help you in many ways.

By Brooklyn Hagblom, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Jessica Stamp

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