Trials, Tribulations, Teachers: The Reality of Quality Learning Amist COVID-19

This school year is filled with unique challenges never faced by teachers and administrators before, most of what we are dealing with right now are foreign territory to everyone.

It is important that this year we understand the importance of empathy and appreciating the efforts of our teachers who have been faced with these challenges. The school has done its part to make sure all individuals face their challenges, ranging from poverty to college applications, with as much support from the school as possible.

There is no perfect solution to this issue, but what’s important is that our teachers have put their best effort into making this a quality school year for all of us. According to counselor Jennifer Foreman, the school has made a major effort to make sure remote students are still part of the classroom experience, as well as receiving the same instruction and workload.

The school has taken extreme precaution in terms of student safety, along with these precautions our school is fortunate to have a new building which allows us to better practice social distancing. Safety in school and the home is as much of a priority to our school as ever. Retta Ary, the head counselor, mentioned there to be even more resources and counseling available amid the pandemic.

The administration has done an excellent job at rising to the challenges they’ve been faced with for this school year. This is especially apparent in the lengths they’ve gone to ensure everyone can get the same quality of remote learning, such as providing technology to all students who may need it. 

Understandably, seniors are struggling with their unique circumstances when it comes to deciding their future, but the school has been taking extra steps this year to help make the process easier. This past Saturday the school held a workshop on college essay writing. And specific events like this past one post on the Class of 2021 Canvas Page. All of the general information students need can be found on the counseling website. 

We must appreciate all the hard work our teachers and administrators have put into making this year as functional and safe as possible while meeting everyone’s needs. Counselors are encouraging students to reach out anytime and created google forms to simplify the process of getting in touch with them. 

Although some may think the school isn’t doing enough to keep students safe and well-educated during this trying time, it’s important to remember that it’s near impossible to make everyone satisfied with the decisions that are made. We must recognize the school is doing as much as it can to keep us safe. 

We need to appreciate all the hard work and thoughtfulness that has been put into creating a quality 2020-2021 year for us. This is a situation in which nobody can react perfectly and there are only so many precautions you can take. 

Instead of criticizing what the school is lacking, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the effort that has been put into making this an enjoyable school year for all.

By Sam Moore, Co Editor-in-Chief and Editorials Editor

Featured photo by Jessica Stamp

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