No School, No Problem: Staying Busy at Home

During these six long months of quarantine, students have kept themselves busy in many different ways. Some students have taken on art as a hobby, as well as singing, baking, and playing cards. Students have also been staying active by going on walks alone or with their family and also going on bike rides. 

Sophomore Elise Chiang says that her favorite thing about quarantine “was getting to sleep in,” and her least favorite part was “not having a routine,” because she never got anything done. Most students would agree with her.

TV shows and streaming sites have been a large part of entertainment during the last few months. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things, The Office, and anything Disney are being binge-watched by students of all grades.

Extracurriculars are also starting up again and students are back practicing with their teams. Football, volleyball, dance, and cheer are preparing for or have begun their seasons already. Students are excited to be back doing what they love.

By Mallory Neff, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Makayla Marley

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