Creature Feature: COVID Interferes with Spooky Season

Fall is right around the corner, which means the leaves will start turning colors of orange and red, and the weather will begin to get chilly, and you’ll be able to smell that fall essence that floats through the air. It also means that the holiday that many love is almost here; Halloween. Halloween is the time of the year where you can dress up as anyone or anything and no one could have a care in the world. It’s a time to spend with family and friends, cooking delicious fall meals, and watching the scariest of movies. When it comes to Halloween, you’re always in for a surprise, whether it’s the clowns, the jump scares, or even just seeing how everyone chose to dress up year after year. This year, we were in for quite a surprise; A global pandemic. Many people aren’t sure what that means for our beloved holidays such as Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and yes, even Halloween. No one is sure whether it’s safe to go out or if we’re even aloud to for that matter.  

By Sierra Trbovich.

“Honestly, I think as long people are wearing masks and keeping groups to a minimum amount of people, it’s okay. When you go out on Halloween, you’re usually pretty spaced out from other groups, plus you’re outside. However, I don’t think it’s safe to go to parties. People are in such proximity to each other and the chance of someone catching covid is very high,” sophomore Taylor Barnett said.

Because of the virus, it has put a stop or pause to so many things, especially anything with a large gathering of people. Now with that being said, it depends on what you’re doing for Halloween. If you go out to a party, the chances of you catching COVID are very high, whereas if you stay in and watch Halloween movies, you should be fine. There are so many Halloween themed shows and movies to watch ranging from scary movies too funny animated cartoons. 

“You should watch Beetlejuice or Goosebumps. They are really cool.” freshman Natalee Scholl said.

“I love the Halloweentown series, but my favorite halloween movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas. Although some may say it’s a Christmas movie, it’s a great movie to watch to get in the Halloween spirit. Disney Channel also has some great TV show Halloween specials too,” Barnett said.

Everyone has a different mind set when it comes to the times we’re in right now. Some people rather stay in and watch scary movies, while others won’t let COVID stop them from having the fun that they planned.

“For Halloween I’ll be hanging out with friends and going to see a movie. Yes, COVID is a thing but I can’t just let it keep me inside not socializing with anyone,” junior Katelyn Hudson said, “The show must go on.”

By Sierra Trbovich, Staff Writer

Featured photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

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