The Oasis of Online Learning: How Students Establish Optimal Workspaces at Home

Every day until in-person classes began, every student went up to their desk, kitchen counter, unintentionally in-door pool room because they can, or whatever flat surface is available to start their school day. 

Despite everyone being connected and being assigned the same school work, each and everyone’s environment is not in uniform because there is none, at the students’ convenience. The requirements for a student to forego remote learning enables a more personalized environment for the students to adapt to as they continue their education on their own devices but staying conscious of a stress-free and productive environment has become more noticeable to those aiming to gain an optimal space. 

“So, I’ve been having a peach tea obsession lately and that basically means my desk is full of empty water bottles and If it’s messy I get frustrated pretty easily,” sophomore Kayla Johnson said.

Not only does maintenance impact a student’s workflow, but the location the student chooses to work in dictates what someone wishes to show when they turn on the camera.

“People need to knock on my door in case I’m in a call, otherwise, just no,” junior Tessa Allred said.

Photo by Anastasia Thomas.

An environment can also make the school day more bearable with the perfect lighting.

“I have this lamp that is the perfect shade of yellow and it creates a nice atmosphere,” said Johnson.

Comfort is a priority according to Allred. Many students are wrapped up in blankets or take calls from their beds.

“I always have a blanket on because it’s cold in my room and I don’t always have my camera on.” Allred said.

In addition, staying organized can be achieved however students wish, whether it be digital, pencil on paper or both.

Johnson said, “I keep an agenda and the Canvas calendar.”

Besides the mild disruptions an online student encounters, the biggest one being a pandemic caused all kinds of changes that will leave a lasting memory of a lifetime.

Johnsons said, “Once you have this many monitors, you can’t go back.”

By Gabby Plasencia, Features Editor

Featured photo by Emma Henson

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