2,000 Helpers: Comfort for Kids Has High Reaching Goals

Comfort for Kids is a donation that collects old and new stuffed animals from the Dripping Springs community. A few years ago, Emily Bergeron took on this project after being recruited by her dad’s friend Jimmy Winkler.

“I was so excited to be involved in the project since it would positively impact many people around Hays County,” Bergeron said.

Initially, Jimmy Winkler was in charge of this project, and then he passed it to another student in the National Honour Society (NHS). This is the first year that Emily Bergeron has earned the responsibility of running the project and is currently the only student involved.

“To ensure that this project continues, I have talked to a few juniors in NHS about the project so that they can continue it for next year! If they are not interested in taking up the project next year, Mr. Winkler will find a student to head the project,” Bergeron said.

Photo by Evelyn Peterson.

The main idea is to donate whatever stuffed animals were collected by Comfort for Kids to first responders. They will then keep them in their vehicles, so whenever a kid is involved in any crime scene or accident, they can give them a stuffed animal for comfort.

“It is important for these kids to get these stuffed animals because they’re facing one of the scariest and confusing moments that they have faced so far,” Bergeron said, “…I am hoping that the stuffed animal will give them some comfort and something to hold onto in such a tough situation.”

The goal is 2,000 stuffed animals by November. Bergeron said that COVID-19 has made it harder to reach her goal, but says there is still plenty of time to get there.

“This donation is important to me because stuffed animals, especially to a little kid, is such a comforting and special thing,” Bergeron said. “Children all across our county, the state, and the country are affected by the things I mentioned previously (car accidents, fires, etc.), and if these stuffed animals can give just one kid a little comfort in such a terrible situation, then there is nothing better than that.”

By Evelyn Peterson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Featured photo by Evelyn Peterson

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