Return to School: COVID-19 Procedures and Practices

With some students returning to in-person learning, new rules and practices have been implemented around DSHS for the safety of staff and students. Below is the list practices and procedures created specifically for DSHS.

Face Coverings:

  • If a student refuses to wear a face-covering:
    • The school will provide a mask if a student forgets
    • Teacher will request they put a mask on
    • If continued refusal, Assistant Principal will call home
    • If continued refusal, student will finish out the 9 week period via remote learning
  • There are students who may have exemptions or accommodations, please see district website for more information 


  • Have the minimum materials required in your classroom. We want to minimize what people touch each period:
    • Reduce Equipment Used
    • Reduce Furnishings – no teacher-owned furniture allowed
      • Keep classrooms to: teacher desks, teacher chair, student desks and chairs, and rolling cabinet 
      • Do not have anything that students must pick-up or turn in 
        • i.e. tables, shelves, trays, etc.
    • Utilize only things that can be sterilized or that will not be shared
    • Do not use shared supplies 
  • Put desks in rows and spread out as much as possible. Students cannot sit in groups
  • Water fountains are not usable, only filling stations. Please bring a water bottle.

Entering the Classroom:

  • Students/teachers will sanitize hands before entering.

Exiting the Classroom:

  • Students/teachers will sanitize hands  
  • Students will get their desk sprayed with disinfectant and they will wipe down their desk 
  • Students will sanitize their hands after cleaning their desk


  • Doors will open at 8:20 AM
  • If you are a bus rider, and arrive earlier than 8:20 am, report to the Cafeteria courtyard
  • When students arrive, they must go directly to their 1st/5th period class
  • There will be no congregating in any common spaces 
  • If they are eating breakfast, they may sit in an available and identified seat
    • Seats will be identified which can be used and which cannot

Student Entry Points:

  • Car riders: Main entrance, Entrance by DAEP, D-lot entry to new building (J)
  • Bus riders: follow outside loop to cafeteria courtyard
  • Adults will be checking at each of the entry points
    • Check for mask, hand out disposable if needed
    • Hand sanitizing station – possibly on a stand
      • Send to AP if student refuses to take the disposable mask
  • Students must have IDs to enter the building, if not they will need to enter through the front office
  • Only entrances are the North Entrance (new J wing, D Lot) and the South Entrance (front office)

Tutorials/Tiger Time:

  • All teachers are required to be in their classrooms from 8:20-8:50 and 10:30-10:51 
  • If they need to see a teacher for tutorials, they may 
    • Students will fill out Tiger Time google form (which is located on each teacher’s Canvas homepage)
    • All morning and Tiger Time tutorials will be virtual/Zoom. Teachers need to encourage students to bring their own headphones 
  • Students may use this time as a study hall
  • No further instruction should take place during Tiger Time

Hallways and Passing Periods:

  • Anyone in the hall must stay to the right of where they are traveling 
  • Masks must be worn
  • No congregating in the hallways
  • One-Way hallways – DSHS will have 3 sets of one-way hallways. A, B & C 100 will be one-way towards D hallway.  A, B & C 200 will one-way hallway towards the Inner Loop.


  • Students should use the bathroom closest to their classroom
  • One in, one out for restroom breaks – students must sign-out and in when leaving the classroom
  • Students will need to use hand sanitizer when they leave your room and when the re-enter your classroom

Leaving the Classroom:

  • Students shouldn’t leave the classroom except for the nurse, restroom, or if they have a pass/email on their phone.  
  • Students will need to show their counselor email invite as their pass to leave


  • Students must maintain social distancing at all times
  • Students must wear their mask while not eating/drinking
  • Students will only be allowed to sit where indicated by signs 
  • Outside eating will be encouraged, weather permitting.
  • No access to microwaves
  • If you can, we encourage students to bring their lunch
  • You must have your ID in the lunch line


  1. Cars (drive or pickup) Dismiss to the front of the School
  2. Bus wave 1- Dismiss to Bus Loop 
  3. Bus wave 2- Dismiss to Cafeteria Courtyard
  4. Bus wave 3- Dismiss to J building Courtyard

Counseling Center and AP Protocols:

  • Students fill out google form requesting a meeting with their counselor or assistant principal.
  • Counselors/admin will email the student letting them know what time to come down to the counseling center
  • Campus adult will call for counselor/AP in an emergency
  • Google form is available on Canvas called “DSHS Principal and Counselor Quick Links”



  • Parking permits will be $40.00 this school year
  • Students/Parents will need to go online to the Web Store to purchase a parking permit.
  • Students/Parents will complete a Google form.
  • Parking permits will be delivered to the student within the first several weeks of in-person school.
  • Student lots include: C, D, E, baseball/softball and north stadium lot.  Students are not allowed to park in lots A & B without a special permit.

In-Person Attendance:

  • Parents will need to call or email the school if their student has an appointment or needs to be picked up early.  
  • All doctor’s notes or other attendance related notes need to be emailed to  We will not accept paper notes. 
  • Students will scan a QR code to sign-in/sign-out.  Students will receive an email receipt.  This email will serve as their pass out of the building or to class.

Remote Learning Attendance:

  • Students have 24 hours to engage in their class to be counted as present.
  • If your student cannot engage in online classwork, parents will need to email their student’s teacher.    
  • All doctor’s notes or other attendance related notes need to be emailed to  We will not accept paper notes.

Front Office:

  • DSHS and the front office are closed to all visitors, unless you have scheduled an appointment.  
  • Students that arrive after 9:00 am will need to show their ID to enter the building. 
  • Any forgotten items may be dropped off on the table in the front foyer of the front office. Item(s) must be labelled, please email  the front office and/or notify your student when an item is dropped off.

By Cady Russell, Online Editor-in-Chief, from DSISD

Featured photo by Emma Henson

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