ROAR Freshman FAQ

  1. What will remote learning look like?

During the first four weeks of school, students will follow their schedule to each of their classes live if possible. They will go to ClassLink and then Canvas to find their class course. On the home page of the class will be the Zoom link to enter the classroom. The teacher will provide direct instruction the first 40 minutes of class and assist in asynchronous activities or assignments student will do on their own the last 45 minutes of class. Attendance is take through Zoom at that time or a question/activity.

2. What’s different about online learning this year?

It’s more a structure to match the regular school day. It offers students flexible opportunities, including synchronous and asynchronous learning, however there is more checking in, group work, tests, and new content.

3. How do we do hands-on classes like welding, theatre, athletics, etc. from home?

Make sure and go to your class’s Zoom and visit Canvas every day for information specific to your class, club or team. The teacher, sponsor, or coach will provide you with details on learning and how to get the hands-on experience while at home. There will be flexibility in offering hand-on enrichment opportunities if able to come to the school after the four weeks even if choosing learning remotely.

4. How will tests work online?

It’ll vary by class. Teachers are looking at more authentic assignments like showing your work by applying skills instead of traditional testing.

5. How do we know what supplies we’ll need?

Teachers will review the supplies list for their class the first day of school and provide a syllabus.

6. When do we need to decide if returning to in-school learning?

Parents should have already informed the school of intentions to return at the end of the 4-week initial remote learning period so that the campus can determine staffing and facility needs. After the first 9-week grading period, students can decide whether to return but must stick with either in-school or remote learning throughout the entire 9-week grading period thereafter. Again, students deciding to stay remote can still come to campus for hands-on activities, sports, and clubs

7. What will in-school teaching look like?

You’ll go to class like normal with safety protocols like wearing masks and social distanced. The class structure will remain the same as in the first four weeks with the front half of class with the teacher and the back half time to work. Tiger Time remains, just will add staggered lunches.

8. How will lunches go?

There will be three lunches staggered with students assigned closer to the return-to-school date of Sept. 14 in order to even them out for optimal social distancing. The tables and areas will be more conducive to social distancing in order to remove masks to eat. Seniors only can leave campus during lunch.

9. Where can we buy Dripping Springs High School gear?

The on-campus store, the Tiger Shack, sells gear and a store on DSISDTX.US may soon be available. Or HEB.

10. Do we have to wear masks if we go back? Yes. There will be mask breaks. If a student forget theirs, they’ll be provided one.

11. What about water fountains?

They will be blocked off, and students will be encouraged to bring their own water and/or bottles.

12. What if we don’t have Wifi?

Contact Karen Tiller for a hotspot. Make sure and visit the technology resources page for other questions about Canvas, ClassLink, Zoom, and contact counselor if need any assistance.

13. How will STAAR testing look this year?

It’s on the schedule like normal as of right now.

photo by Savannah Karas

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