19 Seniors Health Science Certified

A total of 19 seniors passed health science certifications exams for personal trainer, pharmacy technician, and certified medical assistant.

“The DSHS health science academy is pleased to congratulate these 19 seniors on passing their industry certification exams,” health science teacher Lauren Milner said. “This is a remarkable achievement and testament to their work ethic, to keep studying and working hard from home for the last nine weeks of school.” 

This is the highest number of students in a school year who have passed a certification. The 2019-2020 school year was the first to offer the personal trainer certification program. Three of the newly certified personal trainers are already working in internships with Swift Sessions, a local sports performance facility.

Due to COVID-19, the typical in-person testing was cancelled, but approved online proctoring for all of the students meant they were able to complete the certifications.

“It hasn’t been smooth,” Milner said. “There were several technical snags along the way, and we still expect about 10 more students in each of the three certs to take their tests some time in June.” 

Certified Personal Trainers:

Matthew Hernandez

Emma Jones

Joshua Malcom

Alexa Smith

Tyler Wolff

Certified Pharmacy Technician exCPT:

Chloe Aguilar

Carson Darling

Katherine Farber

Isabella Tyler

Jeffrey Walker

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant:

Yesenia Collazo

Audrey Dykhoff

Cassedy Fuselier

Avery Kalsu

Evelyn Ortega

Dylan Smith

Isabella Tyler

Colby White

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