A Letter From the Sports Editor, Rigley Willis

Well, here we are, the last paper of the 2020 year, and it’s a special one for sure. COVID-19 has caused the 2020 school year to suddenly end without any means of a heads-up. And while, yes, we are still attending school virtually within the safety of our own homes, it feels as if everything has been turned off, rather than paused. The sports world has been highly impacted during this pandemic breakout, we’ve seen tons of professional athletes contract the virus and, at this point, every single sporting event, league, and practice has been canceled indefinitely. For all sports fans, this has left a massive, unfillable, hole in our hearts. We’ve resorted to rewatches, the Ocho, and the new Michael Jordan documentary, which is pretty amazing actually. But, no matter, we still don’t have our up-to-date, daily sports, and it pains me. We’re missing out on things such as March Madness, the NFL Draft, the NBA season, the NBA Playoffs, and the start of the MLB season. This time is supposed to be one of the best in all of the professional sports, but, I’ll say it once more, it’s not, we get the short end of the stick. There, let it out. What we as sports fans really need to pay attention to now that we have a break from the continuous action of professional sports, are the people around the world right now, fighting this pandemic who deserve the MVP. 

Essential workers from doctors to stockers risk their health every single day as they try to make self-isolation a much easier thing for those at home. 

Politicians, who are working with people around the globe, to find a cure and a solution to the issue at hand.

Owners of businesses, who are paying for their worker’s salaries.

Scientists, who have been working in labs filled with the virus, that are aiming to find a vaccine within the month.

I know I am missing some people, but to any and all aiding this country during one of our darkest times, thank you, with every contributing hand, we are one step closer to putting this virus behind us.

By Rigley Willis, Sports Editor

Featured photo by Melissa Richardson

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