Olympic Break: Staff Writer Grant Williams Explains the Impacts

With the rise of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many events are being cancelled due to the social distancing rules, one event being the Olympics. This being postponed not only makes us have to wait to watch the greatest sporting event worldwide, but the biggest impact is on the athletes. Because these athletes go through so much training for three years awaiting the coming of the Olympic games. They start their training with plans of when each of their goals to reach the games will be accomplished during their training time. This one year break that the athlete’s experience is a break in their preparation because they now have to change their schedule for accomplishing a goal. While they would have been prepared if the Olympics had not gotten postponed now they have to expand the amount of time spent on training for the games. The extra year causes a period of time where the athletes have reached their goals but now must maintain their already hard work. This virus has a much greater impact on many various parts of all our lives than most of us know.

By Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Kyle Dias on Unsplash

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