Through the Eyes of Ronnie Adair

Known throughout Dripping Springs for his photography, Ronnie Adair has been a big part of our high school’s sports for many years.

“There’s nothing more important in my life than your senior year in high school, Adair said,  “Make the kids feel like rock stars. If I can get one kid an absolute picture that he can remember back on, that he can take and show his kids, that he can put on his wall, that is what is important to me.”

Adair started taking photos of our athletes in 2010. At this time Adair’s son was a sophomore playing defensive end for the Tigers.

One of Ronnie Adair’s photo from a varsity softball scrimmage this spring.

“I started with football Friday Night Lights, never ever could you get enough Friday Night Lights,” Adair said, “I started with softball right after football and that led into another coach and that led into another coach from another sport.”

Since 2010, Adair now takes photos for football, softball, baseball, basketball, track, soccer, volleyball, swim, and lacrosse.

 “I can’t go to enough games,” Adair said. “All the love I receive from the pictures I decided I would want to do this till I am a wee old man if the coaches will have me. I get to live through you guys. The kids in this world are what makes the world go round, that’s how I view it.”

One can find the photos Adair takes on his photography page on Instagram (@adairphoto1), twitter (@adairphoto16), or his website ( All of his photos are free of charge and can be found at these locations.

The varsity girls soccer team poses for a photo after another win in district. Photo by Ronnie Adair.

“It’s not right to make money off of children,” Adair said. “It’s not right to boost yourself through children. Number one it’s for your kids. It’s for memories, there’s not a dime that should be charged for a memory.”

Adair has befriended many of our school’s athletes and some of those friendships even last past graduation. 

“I get to continue outside of the school and be friends with all you guys,” Adair said. “People come up to me to talk about pictures I took years ago. That means a lot to me.”

Throughout the years Adair has touched the hearts of many at our high school. If it hasn’t been said enough we greatly appreciate who you are and what you do for our community. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into photographing our athletes and giving them something they can reflect on for years to come. Thank you, Ronnie Adair, for everything you have done for our high school.

By Grey Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Ronnie Adair

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