Binge Worthy Watches: The Best Shows, Movies, to Watch While Stuck Inside

While we’ve all been locked inside during these trying times, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services are thriving. Everyone and their mothers are turning to streaming services to pass the time. But with an end to the lockdown not yet in sight, there is a limit to what we can watch and re-watch. With that being said, here’s a breakdown of the best things to watch to pass the time in these uncertain times. 

To start, let’s break down the king of streaming services, Netflix. When it comes to Netflix everyone thinks the same thing, “I’ve already seen everything worth seeing on Netflix.” rest assured, there are so many things below the surface of Netflix that are worth the watch. The latest and greatest show to come from Netflix is the world-renowned, “Tiger King.” “Tiger King” is a single series documentary following a small zoo owner in Oklahoma. While that seems boring enough, the documentary captures a murder investigation, aminal trafficking, and the crazy antics of zoo owner, Joe Exotic. While we’re on the topic of shows, go ahead and re-watch “The Office.” This comedy TV series that started in 2005 has chiseled itself into television history.  With its quick-wit and dry humor, “The Office” is arguably the most successful sitcom on Netflix. Other than shows, Netflix comes equipped with some top-shelf movies. “Marriage Story,”  is a love story, but told from the perspective of a soon-to-be-divorced couple. Although this story may sound dark, director Noah Baumbach drops in consistent humor to keep the viewer attached. Another amazing movie that Netflix has to offer is Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver.” “Taxi Driver,” tells the story of a sleep-deprived taxi driver in New York City. After many sleepless nights, the cab driver, played by Robert De Niro, slowly loses his grip on reality and starts to fantasize about cleaning the streets of NYC. “Taxi Driver” currently sits at 97% on RottenTomatoes and is regarded as one of Scorsese’s best films. On a lighter side, “Step Brothers” starring Will Smith and John C. Reilly is a perfect late-night comedy. “Step Brothers” revolves around two middle-aged men who still live at home moving in together after their parents get married. The comedy in this film stems from the conflict of the prideful stepbrothers trying to remain top dog. Netflix has countless other shows and films not mentioned worth watching, so keep an open mind and listen to your friend’s suggestions. 

Hulu is oftentimes left in the shadow of Netflix, but I’m here to tell you to stop sleeping on Hulu! For starters, Hulu carries “Rick and Morty,” an animated series that follows a crazy, super-scientist that uses his homemade gadgets to take his grandson on wild adventures in different dimensions. Hulu also carries “30 Rock.” This show, created by Tina Fey, was inspired by Fey’s years on “Saturday Night Live.” With the same, dry humor that you get from “The Office,” “30 Rock” is a great comedy for people with a mature sense of humor. Other than an abundance of great TV shows, Hulu carries the Academy Award for Best Picture, the winning film, “Parasite.” Get your reading glasses because this Korean language film is all in subtitles. This film is a tragic comedy that displays the different lifestyles of the poor and wealthy. Without giving much away, this film shows how a poor family finds new ways to wealth. Hulu also carries “I, Tonya,” which is a dramatic retelling of the true events of Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie). Tonya Harding was the first woman to ever successfully land the triple axel but was still snubbed a spot on the Olympic team. It wasn’t until Harding’s husband injured skater Nancy Kerrigan, to the point where she cannot skate, that Harding got to compete. This film sits at 89% on RottenTomatoes and even scored an oscar. Other than the films and shows listed, Hulu has a lot to offer and is worth the free trial. 

Now, there are other streaming services out there but, Hulu and Netflix are the most popular by far. Disney+ is good if you love nostalgia and “Star Wars” but other than that there isn’t much to offer. Always remember, if all else fails, turn to YouTube. 

By Andrew Spiegel, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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