Spring Athletes Open Up About COVID-19 Impacts

How has COVID-19 affected your spring sports experience?

Jack Dombroski:

“Personally it’s affected me on a collegiate level. It’s obvious that I am going to be missing my senior season, however, what’s affecting me more is that I will not be able to get the time I need for me to get a potential scholarship in college. It’s also made it very difficult for me to get proper motivation to work out since I can no longer hang with friends.”

Taylor Lawrence:

“It definitely has sucked, to say the least. Knowing that I never get to put on a jersey and play another game is really upsetting for me. But I am looking at the positives and looking back at all my memories and good times I had with my team.”

Audrey Dykoff:

“As a cheerleader, I didn’t get to cheer on spring sports like soccer and baseball. We usually go and show our support at their games and I love getting in to it. I’m sad that I didn’t get to finish the year with my team. We also don’t know if we are gonna get to have our cheer banquet, which is sad as I’m a senior.”

Ryleigh Needham:

“It has ended my season after just two district games. For many seniors, it has ended their careers. We have worked for four years to get where we are today and it has sadly come to an end. The virus has had a lot of negative impacts but it has made all of us realize that we can never take anything for granted and we have to cherish every moment with your teammates and coaches. I am very grateful I got to get through half of the season but there will always be a part of me that will wonder how the rest of the season could have gone.”

Cameron O’Banan:

“It’s had a huge impact, not only in taking away both track and baseball for me as an individual, but for all the other sports as well. To me as an athlete it’s always been more about the relationships I create with my teammates and coaches and the lessons the games teach us. The thing I miss the most are the times in between games when every teammate opens up about themselves and you can see the trust-building with the rest of the team, it has not been easy at all trying to get past not being able to compete this spring, my heart aches not only as a competitor but as a teammate and as a player. I miss the opportunities given when I have the privilege to compete in sports. COVID-19 has taken away my final days with my closest senior friends and I will miss that the most both on and off the field. I wish my seniors all the very best in the unforeseen future ahead. I love and miss spring sports.”

By Grey Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Melissa Richardson

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