Bad Thyme(ing): Garden Club Overcomes Delay of Project

Due to the recent pandemic called the coronavirus, many school projects and clubs have had to make adjustments or cancel their meetings/projects. Before the break, Garden Club had started a project with nursery plants and flowers in the courtyard, but it had to come to a stop because of COVID-19.

“We had made spring break preparations to take home all our nursery plants, so we ended up being more prepared for the virus than we would have been had there been no spring break,” junior Garden Club member, Emma Luikart, said. “But, we are still being affected by having our outdoor beds at the school with no daily care for them, and harvest dates needing to be pushed back.”

The first harvest of green onions from the garden.

Although many plants were saved from being stuck at the school, there were still several plants that were left to fend for themselves in the Texas weather elements. 

“Two teachers have gotten permission to go and tend to our garden when it is needed and safe to do so,” Luikart said.

The coronavirus has caused a halt in many of the plans that the Garden Club had been researching and planning out for some time. However, the club has decided to continue and study and perfect their plan.

“We had plans to expand the garden and transform it more, including a butterfly garden, and a Texas native plant garden,” Luikart said. “We also typically check over our plants daily for bugs or other infections that need to be treated. We are continuing to design and research our garden and how we can expand and decorate it to become an enjoyable place for all who attend.”

With this extended break, it has given the Garden Club members a chance to work on experiments with plants and learn for when they can continue their project in the next school year. 

“We are continuing with the growth of our nursery plants and seedlings to see which ones can survive the best in the Texas sun and heat,” Luikart said.

The coronavirus has affected more than just projects; it has affected the students as well, and how they used to live their life; it has led students to realize the things they miss and how they are being affected throughout the pandemic.

“[The virus] has affected my ability to express many hobbies during the virus,” Luikart said. “From gardening to technical theatre and photography. It keeps me limited.”

Garden Club was an outlet for students to do something different, get out in the elements, and get away from the busy life of homework and school work.

“I miss the peacefulness of it,” junior Aidan Gore said. “It’s not a difficult task, and it’s quiet and comforting.”

By Evelyn Peterson, News Editor

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