10 Things to do During Isolation

As we all scroll through Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, the days of self-isolation seem to be running together with a major lack of stimulation. With each day feeling the same as the last, here’s a few ideas on how to switch up your day in quarantine. 

  1. Do you drive? Pick a meeting place with your friends, pack a lunch, and stay in your car. A social distancing picnic, if you will. There are plenty of parking lots around Drip, and you could even have your own drive-in movie night. 
  2. Get outdoors! Social distancing can make everyday feel foggy, but the weather in Drip has been top shelf. Go skate, bike, or even chill in your backyard with a good playlist going. 
  3. Pick up some new hobbies. Try out cooking, art, photoshop, or even reading a book you usually wouldn’t have time to read during the school year. This is the perfect time to try something new, don’t let this time go to waste. 
  4. Organize! That drawer in your bathroom you’re too scared to open, and the clothes you haven’t worn since 7th grade in the back of your closet deserve to be cleaned. Get rid of that year old chapstick and your crusty Nike elites, they’re haunting you, bro. 
  5. If you can give, give! There are so many people and organizations that need all the help they can get. If that means donating clothes, give money to a non-profit, or helping a homeless person on the side of 290, do it. This is a time of need for everyone, so if you can, lend a hand. 
  6. Have your own photoshoot! Get out of your pajamas for a day, throw on your favorite outfit and get that self-timer going. 
  7. Support local businesses. Order curbside from Mazama, Thyme and Dough, or any other small business around you. COVID-19 has taken a toll on small businesses and just one coffee or sandwich order goes a long way. 
  8. Rearrange your room! We’re spending so much time in our own homes, a change of scenery can switch up your mood! 
  9. Get a good workout in. Whether it’s an ab workout or a quick run around your neighborhood, working out is scientifically proven to better your mood and increase your dopamine levels. 
  10. Set up a zoom with your friends or family. We all need some personal connection in a time like this. And although we can’t be around others physically, supporting your friends and family emotionally through this pandemic is much needed.

By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Melissa Richardson

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