Dear Seniors, We Love You: Students Make Class of 2020 Highlight Video

The end of the year is uncertain as developments with the COVID-19 evolve daily. The senior class at DSHS has been left wondering how their final weeks as seniors will play out as they miss those key moments like prom. So in the wake of this uncertainty, several juniors have come together to create a video that highlights the year seniors have had, the Dear Seniors Project.

“I got this idea, actually a couple of months ago, because I have a lot of friends who are seniors and I was like ‘oh that’d be cool to have a little ending video’ and then recently I watched, I go to a summer camp, and I was rewatching an end of the two weeks video and I was like, oh my god I love that because it reminds me of all the memories we went through.” junior Emily Pundt, founder of Dear Seniors said.

Pundt teamed up with junior Trevor Burke and junior Rachel Reeves to gather and put together the video.

“I think just because we are juniors we are probably the closest with the Class of 2020,” Burke said. “And due to this pandemic we’re not going to see a lot of them anymore and they don’t get a lot of the things that they just have worked so hard for and deserve, so we wanted to just do whatever we can to recognize them and show them that we do care about them and that we’re going to miss them and just do out part to give them their proper moment.”

The video will probably end up being 20-30 minutes long, maybe longer depending on the number of entries.

“It’s gonna basically show the seniors and like their friends and family all of the fun they’ve had,” Burke said, “all the fun their classmates have had and it’s basically just to preserve the memories, the good memories that high school has given them this year since they don’t get to make a lot of new ones and get those final ones.” 

Submissions can be sent in through the google form on the Dear Seniors Instagram, found at @dshs_dearseniorsproject.

“I emailed Gamez talking about getting DSISD or DSHS involved,” Burke said. “So she’s going to push out a form for people to submit photos to, pretty much to all of the high school so that their parents, coaches, friends, and like seniors, in general, can submit photos to us.” 

Submission will end on May 1 so that there is ample time for the students to put together the video.

“I felt like it fit really perfectly with what’s going on right now,” Pundt said, “because not only is the future really unexpected for everybody right now, but it’s a good way to close the year cause I know a lot of seniors just don’t know what’s going on right now.”

The Dear Senior Project asks that people share their posts to spread awareness of the project and also submit as many photos and videos of seniors as they can.

“I can’t imagine doing high school without y’all,” Burke said.

The project also plans on asking the other classes to give a statement to the senior class.

“Keep trekking. We’re gonna be okay, everything is gonna work out and right now is just waiting through it and getting through it.,” Burke said. “Maintain and do the things that make you happy so we can get through this together.”

By Cady Russell, Online and Social Media Editor

Featured photo from Dear Seniors Project on Instagram

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