Should We Tell the Freshman? Inside the Truman Experiment

*originally appearing in satirical April 1 edition

The Truman Show was a movie released June 5, 1998. This movie is about Truman Burbanks and his life in a life size TV set. Truman is constantly being recorded by hidden cameras all over the “town,” recording every hardship, love interest, and any emotions that Truman endured. However, Truman Burbanks is the only one who does not know that he is being filmed. Everything that has happened to him so far has been staged and everyone around him is a hired actor. In the end Truman Burbanks found out the truth, about how his life was a complete lie from the start. 

This year the school administration has decided to implement this idea of the Truman show into the freshman class as a social experiment. Administration has been planning this experiment ever since Angela Gamez has entered the school’s staff. It took her several years of convincing the parents of 2023 class to agree on allowing their students to be part of this project without their child’s knowledge. After Gamez earned the new responsibility of being the schools principal, she was able to finalize the “Truman Experiment.” 

All the teachers and staff were informed and on board with the experiment, especially the science teachers. There was a meeting held with all the sophomores, juniors, and seniors to let them know about what will be taking place in the 2019-2020 school year and made all of the upperclassmen sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Now that the school year is almost over there has been some questions on whether or not we should reveal the experiment to the freshmen before the end of their high school career. Some of the older students are struggling with keeping such a huge secret. There was even an instance where a sophomore almost spilled the beans when he started to catch real feelings for his freshmen girlfriend. Originally he was dating her because staff told him it would be an interesting “love” interest in the experiment, but he found out how much he really wants the relationship to be real.  Staff told him that violating the confidentiality agreement would lead to a lifetime of detentions, even after high school graduation. Another instance, a senior wanted to tell her younger freshman brother of the experiment, because she hated lying to him but her parents told her she would lose her phone if she did.

This experiment is more than just for amusement it is to find out the freshmen ways. There is a desire to know what it is that makes them different from the rest. The staff wants to know what goes on in their thought process. The staff and administration are asking questions such as, “What made them make that choice?,” “How did they figure that out?” and “Why are they struggling?” The point of the experiment is to grow up with freshman during high school, to see what changes in their behaviours, learning techniques, and social skills. All the seniors want to know is where the freshmen get such annoying habits and how it can be changed before they leave high school after their senior year in 2023. 

It has been a risky experiment so far. A group of freshman kids were looking for their class the first week of school and ran into Bobby Boberton, one of the camera guys, filming from a window inside an empty classroom. Luckily, Boberton was able to pull it off after telling them he was part of the Tiger Daily News Crew. After this incident administration found sneakier places to hide the film crew. 

There is no point in telling the freshman class of this experiment  because it is near the end of their freshman year already. So why not just stick it till the end. It is only three more years, what’s the harm? This experiment will bring so many new revelations about the developing human brain that are too complex  to read in a book. By studying the class of 2023 the school will become more advanced than any other schools. 

By Evelyn Peterson, News Editor

Featured photo by JC Falcon on Unsplash

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