We Have It When We Had It: Parking Banned Starting April 1

*originally appearing in satirical April 1 edition

Parking has been a problem all year. The administration has been desperately looking for answers, as over half of D lot has been lost due to construction. After the opening of the band lot, and then, to the frustration of many students, the parallel parking was removed, parking has become a nightmare. Cornerstone students find themselves sprinting to class after spending ten minutes looking for parking. Students are asking, “where do we park?”

In an effort to curb the problem, the DSISD board has stepped in and eliminated all parking on campus. Taking effect April 1, students will not be allowed to park anywhere in the school grounds, even if they have a parking pass. Students will not be refunded for their passes.

However, about half of the student body drives themselves to school, with many juniors and seniors having off periods.

“We have heard way too much about parking problems at the high school, so we just ended it,” said parking coordinator Scott Asphalt.

The new parking plan follows as so. Students who won B lot spots will now park at O’Reilly Auto Parts, and get a shuttle to class from 8:15-9:30. 

What was once the famous C lot, has now been relocated to Whataburger, and the band lot is now Cowgirl’s and Lace. D lot has been moved to HEB, but only 59 spots are available. What was once the field house parking spaces, is now DSYSA soccer fields, but students who park on the grass will be towed by the park committee. The softball/baseball parking lot has been relocated to the YMCA. The parking lot behind the stadium, the once feared lot for it’s distance from the school, has been moved to the Dollar General parking area. Shuttles will run from 8:00-10:00, and from 2:38-4:30 from all locations and they do not extra runs. 

“I’m just sick of fighting for parking every day so if this solves it then I am all for it,” junior Peace Crash said. “It’s just crazy out there! People are getting swiped left and right.”

But what happens if all of these spots have been filled? Overflow is at the Belterra Rec Center. No shuttles are available.

The lot’s will not be solely for students, as these areas still need to be open for the general public. 

“I’m pissed,” senior Mayfield Done said. “The board won’t listen to the students. And now this? I’m glad I’ll be gone by May.” 

Many may be wondering, what will the now empty parking spots be used for? Well, the field house lot will become a lounge for the football team, to prep them for their upcoming 2020 season. D lot has been opened to parents and family to tailgate till the start of fall sports. 

B lot and C lot will be used for temporary classrooms as the school’s population is expanding rapidly. DSISD predicts that up to twenty classrooms can be made in these lots. Band lot will be used for various clubs, like the skateboard club, until the band starts back up in the summer.

There is no further word on if parking will be reinstated for the 2020-2021 school year. However with the way the parking situation has been going it isn’t likely.

By Cady Russell, Online and Social Media Editor

Featured photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

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