Administration Eliminates Nerf War

That’s right, our cherished and beloved nerf war tradition has been put to a stop this year, and most likely perpetually. Students are filled with confusion, anger, sadness, and loss, but the question we’re all asking is “why?” After multiple extensive interviews, I’m here to report on what the reasoning behind this tradition’s halt truly is. 

Throughout this year, we’ve all heard the rumors that the nerf war is “over for good,” “canceled only this year because of construction,” or that it’s “only going to be open for seniors.” But according to our student council president Riley Wheaton, the war is “more work than it’s worth.” That the clubs that usually put it on (the Interact Club and Project Graduation) end up making a profit that simply isn’t worth the work it takes to host the nerf war. Wheaton says that “last year Project Grad did it but it was such a mess and they didn’t make much money from it.” Although money is a factor, I can’t say that was the breaking point for canceling the whole thing. 

I spoke to Mrs. Gamez about the matter and she claims that there were many important factors in coming to this decision. The number one reason Mrs. Gamez elaborated on is that the war is an “inconsistent message” to send to students when “student safety being of utmost importance on campus.” 

“When students walk around with things that look like guns it makes for an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe learning environment,” Gamez said. 

Mrs. Gamez also claims that the school board has witnessed a big problem with reckless driving over the years on campus and within the community, “which causes safety issues even beyond the school,” and also is a huge disruption of school when the nerf war is in full fledge. Mrs. Gamez concluded her conversation with me by saying “there are ways to continue to nerf war that doesn’t affect school, but that would also be up to students to come up with creative solutions.” 

Mrs. Gamez privately says that the only way we could have a nerf war is if it’s independent from the school and completely off campus. And with that, it seems there are already groups of students forming to save the nerf war. Senior class president Andrew Spiegel, alongside seniors Trace Young, Riley Wheaton and Maverick Walker are planning an independent nerf war for the students.

“The nerf war is a student favorite, and it’s very important to honor the traditions of DSHS.” Spiegel said.

Keep an eye out for more information on the return of the beloved nerf war on our student media instagram, @my_dshs_news.

By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Tyler Cave

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