Homework Load is Too Much

There has been an increase in the amount of homework assigned to high school students. The University of Michigan conducted research that suggests the amount of homework students have doubled in the past thirty years.

The amount of homework assigned to students is overwhelming. The Princeton Review’s Student Life in America survey reported 50% of students feeling stressed and half of these students claimed homework to be the biggest stress factor.

Homework is a heavily debated topic amongst students. The consensus is that their workload is too much, resulting in stress, sleep deprivation, and lack of leisure time. A research study conducted by Stanford University showed that students felt their workload was hindering their ability to learn “critical life skills.” 

While homework has been linked to higher test scores, excessive amounts of homework have been linked to a decrease in scores. The National Education Association and National Parent Teacher Association support the claim that more than two hours of homework a night becomes counterproductive for high school students. This claim has also been supported by the Journal of Educational Psychology, which found that 90 to 100 minutes of homework resulted in decreased academic performance.

Dripping Springs High School is an academically high achieving school but offers very little to their students to aid in the completion of homework. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of homework a night per grade level is ideal. That would mean first-grade students would have 10 minutes and high school students would have about two hours. More action to enforce this 10-minute rule would greatly benefit our school’s academic success.

By Sam Moore, Opinion Editor

Featured photo by Daniel Chekalov on Unsplash

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