Zero-Tolerance Doesn’t Exist

With the addition of new assistant principals and new Principal Gamez an effort to decrease hallway traffic has resulted in confusion amongst some students about the policies and the repercussions for violating newly established expectations. 

“We do not have anything that is called Zero Tolerance at this school.” Assistant Principal  Joe Green said.

Although there is no “Zero-Tolerance Policy,” there is a new policy that has been implemented into school. The emphasis on hall passes is a new method of letting students out of the classroom for the bathroom or the identification of student aids and students going to the nurses’ office.

“We wanted students to be using the restroom closest to their classroom.” Green said, “We have had situations where students were on different parts of campus, so the color coated hall passes are color coated by the hallway, and so the students are not missing tons of class time.”

Hall passes are helpful for the students, as well as for the teachers and administration, and being accountable for where students are and how many are gone. Green explains that the hall passes make sure that students are not roaming about the halls and that they do not miss a ton of class time.

“[The hallpasses] are a way for the teachers to organize and make sure that the student is going to the correct hallway bathroom,” Green said, “and we did not want groups of students leaving class. It was a way to signify that you are using the right bathroom and near your classroom, and it is one at a time.”

Teachers and assistant principals can take action if a student breaks any of the expectations set by the administration with the hall passes. 

“It depends on the situation,” Green said, “if a student walks out of class without telling a teacher that is a discipline issue. As long as the students are communicating with their teacher and using the restroom in their general area, then there are no issues at all.”

Disciplinary action is not taken unless a student has repeatedly ignored conversations with either teachers or assistant principals about wandering the halls, going to the wrong restroom, or not taking the pass.

 “Typically, when you get to that point, you have ignored several warnings; It has been like a phone call home, so if they continue to ignore the conversations at that point, we would have them make up time missed from class. Green said, “When we catch students in the wrong hallway they are missing significant class time, and they are ditching class or looking to miss a certain part of class so at that point we say they need to make up that time through detention or time with the teacher before school.”

Hall passes are a more efficient and helpful way for teachers to let their students out and an easier for the administration to identify why students were out in the hallway.

“We did not want [hall passes] it to be this big thing,” Green said, “but we did not want the same thing that was happening last year to continue.”

By Evelyn Peterson, News Editor

Featured photo by Cady Russell

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