Process of Committing: Trace Young on College Basketball

Trace Young is one of the more reputable faces within the Central Texas basketball landscape. He has played with and against players such as Will Baker, KJ Adams, and Max Smith, all of which are going to or are already going to Division One schools for basketball. This time it was Trace’s turn. On February 10th, 2020 Trace Young announced his long-waited commitment to Colorado State University on a basketball scholarship.

Colorado State was not Young’s lone offer, he had a bevy of schools that were interested in him from the beginning.

“I had looks from University of Houston, Lehigh, Johns Hopkins, TCU, Hendrix, Arkansas, … San Diego State, and [University of California San Diego],” Young said. 

With the amount of offers that Young received, he put a lot of thought into his decision, including the advice that those close to him gave.

“I talked a lot to my friends who have already made their college decisions [for basketball] to … go over the thought process that they went through and try and get some better insight,” Young said. “The biggest thing for me was which school best supports my future.”

One of those friends that Young seeked for counseling was Texas Longhorn Center Will Baker.

“He really influenced me a lot,” Young said. “When we were younger, all we talked about was [playing college basketball] and all the late nights we spent in the gym, along with early mornings in the gym built a really strong bond between us. So, when it came time for me to make my decision I knew just who to talk to.”

As for Young’s parents, they were open to any and all opportunities, including a reality in which Trace did not play basketball.

“My mom was honestly, open for anything. She told me to do whatever would make me happy, and I recently visited the University of Tennessee for the school alone and not for a basketball scholarship,” Young said. “I really appreciate my mom for keeping my best interests in mind.”

As for Trace’s father, he believed that the basketball route was best for his future.

“With all the time, energy, and money that my mom and dad poured into me, they believed, especially my Dad, that playing basketball in college and capitalizing on my future was the best option for me. Plus, basketball is what I love, and I believe that I will still have time in college to take pictures and make films, which, I would say, are my two other driving passions that I have,” Young said.

Trace Young’s photography and videography instagram account (@tracecreate) has taken a following over the past couple of months.

“Pretty much anytime me and my friends are hanging out we make a film of some sort. I’ve done short … mini-films over skating, vinyl records, and just hanging out with friends in general, and that’s kind of the vibe that I strive for in my videos,” Young said.

Trace also would like to thank his friends and teammates close to him as they helped him through the process.

“I really appreciate all my friends who helped me,” Young said, “they never talked about it, and they never tried to make it their decision, which took a lot of stress off of my shoulders.”

Young’s future is just getting started and he cannot wait for his freshman season to start.

“It’s going to be a grind, and I am so excited for it. I’m [going to] be in the gym as much as I can just working on my craft. Shooting, quickness, my vertical, and my handle all need to take strides if I want to be an elite player in college basketball, and I’m more excited than ever to get to work on those things,” Young said.

As for Colorado State University, they have had a great year in the Mountain West Conference.

“As of right now, they are they are second in the ‘MWC’, and they have a great group of guys who I’ve got to talk to and get to know and I think if we really come together and all commit to becoming great we can make tournament runs in the near future,” Young said.

After this upcoming playoff run for the Tigers basketball team, Trace will be headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to continue his illustrious basketball career, but he has not forgotten what the whole town of Dripping Springs has done for him.

“If I never transferred from Bowie, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the player and man I am today. This town has taught me humbleness and gratitude, and I have made some lifelong friends along the way,” Young said, “and for all the coaches that I’ve played under while at Dripping Springs, I want to say thank you, for always believing in me and allowing me to express myself both on and off the court.”

By Rigley Willis, Sports Editor

Featured photo by Ana Smith

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