Keeping Pace with the Track Team

Looking back on last year’s track season, having multiple athletes compete at the state level, this track season is all about building off of past accomplishments according to Track Coach Marisa Tuzzi. 

“I’m really excited. I think coming off of last year’s track season we’re doing nothing but building momentum,” Tuzzi said. “We had an unprecedented number of kids go to the state meet.  So we’re coming off bringing most of those kids back from last year’s state meet and then coming off of cross country season where both the boys and girls went to state as well. We have got that as a strong aspect of this track season.”

Those returning runners are Avery Kalsu, Tyler Herron, Andre Perry, and Marleena Mickel. All of the previously mentioned athletes competed in the 2019 state track meet and will be competing this season.

“I think last year going to state it was kind of mind boggling to actually be there and so I think the experience I had last year, getting fourth, and missing the chance to medal has made this season mean so much more,” varsity runner, senior Avery Kalsu said. 

Track practice officially began this season on Jan. 14. Each week practice typically consists of four early morning practices, Monday through Thursday, with a break on Friday. The early morning practices typically start at 7AM and last until the workout is over which is before 8:20AM. 

“It’s a lot of discipline, a lot of discipline, especially waking up every morning at 6:45 AM and then once again putting all that mileage in,” varsity runner  junior Caleb Lopez said. “It really pays off when you’re winning a race.”

This track season will have its first meet on February 15th and the season will continue to go to state if runners place well enough.

“It’s very rewarding to see the kids that don’t particularly like running become successful and learn to love running,” Head Track Coach Ben Reid said. “Track is one of the few sports that can be life long. Being part of the success we have had at Dripping Springs the past few years makes kids enjoy competing and running for the rest of their lives.” 

Part of this success was winning district last season, the team stopped a five year drought as the last district championship was in 2014.

Junior Maddie Livingston, a varsity runner said, “I always say it’s because of the people, because of the community, the team we push each other and we spend so much time together and so many miles together that we know each other so well and there’s a bond that the team has. It’s just so special.”

By Gray Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Vasi Bjeletich

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