Why Kobe: Q&A With Xavier Phillips

Q: Why did you choose to model your basketball game after Kobe Bryant?

A: “Because he’s known as one of the best players and his game is special and different from other players in the NBA.”  

Q: What specific parts of his game do you focus on?

A: “How he scores, because if you play you need to know how to score, and what to do when.”

Q: How has that impacted your game?

A: “It’s helped me a lot to improve my game by being able to study what he does and how I can put what he does on the court into what I do myself.”

Q: Has his mentality impacted you in any way?

A: “Yes, because he played like he was the best player on the court every game he played. And that’s the same way I now try to play in every game. I have the mentality of the best.”

Q: How are you able to focus on that “mamba mentality” while you’re on the court?

A: “I just try to stay locked in and play my best and the mindset just comes as a result of me doing what I do on the court.”

By Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Melina Guerra

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