DJ It’s 2020, Blow My Speakers Up: A Decade in the Music Industry

 It’s just after dinner, you take your Nintendo DSi off the charger and sit down in the living room. You pull your iPod out and place your earphones in your ears, you turn it up and blast Party in the U.S.A. Life is good. A decade has passed since these events might have happened and by 2020, much of the music we consume has changed … Continue reading DJ It’s 2020, Blow My Speakers Up: A Decade in the Music Industry

Debate Takes 15 Students to State

An unprecedented 15 state qualifiers from speech and debate are going to state. In order to qualify, students must place in the top rankings at TFA approved tournaments and gain a total of twelve points. The state competition will be held in El Paso, Texas from March 5-7. State Qualifiers: Eli Craddock – Humorous Interpretation Amanda Davis – World Schools Debate Patrick Englehart – Public … Continue reading Debate Takes 15 Students to State


“Test #1743. Subject Name: Samantha Horice. Age of 23. Convicted for the murder of long time friend Terrence Smith and her husband Eric Horice.” Samantha winced at this. She couldn’t kill Eric. She loved him so much and was heart broken when he commited suicide. It was just unfortunate that he jumped out the window when she shot Terrence. Very bad timing inher opinion. The … Continue reading SHORT STORY: The Hallex

Student Film Group Makes it to UIL Film Semifinals

Almond Milk Paradise Production, a video production group here at DSHS, has made the state semifinals in UIL Film. This is how far the group made it last year. At this stage, 32 films are remaining, with only six making the finals. On the 18th of February, the team will find out if they made the state finals, with the champions announced later. They are … Continue reading Student Film Group Makes it to UIL Film Semifinals

Valentine’s Day Singles: A Playlist for the Lonely Ones on the Dreaded Day of Love

“Single Ladies” – Beyonce “Drew Barrymore” – SZA (clean) “Don’t Start Now” – Dua Lipa “Never Enough” – Rex Orange County “Float On” – Modest Mouse “Erase Me” – Kid Cudi (clean) “2” – H.E.R. (clean) “I Love My Friends” – Foster the People “Girlfriend” – Avril Lavigne “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer Featured photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash Continue reading Valentine’s Day Singles: A Playlist for the Lonely Ones on the Dreaded Day of Love

Spring Final Exam Exemptions Requirements

At the start of the spring semester, the school board decided to implement a new policy in an effort to boost the school’s attendance rate. This new policy, informally known as the “Final Exam Exemption Policy,” rewards students by exempting them from finals for good attendance and grades. However, there are rules and requirements in order for students to be eligible to participate in the … Continue reading Spring Final Exam Exemptions Requirements

NBA of the Decade

2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers The 2009-2010 Lakers were a team with an experienced starting lineup that was athletic and dominant. With players like Dereck Fisher, Pau Gasol, and Kobe  Bryant who had plenty of playoff and finals experience playing alongside Shaq to win the finals together in the 2001-2002 season. This team was able to have a regular season record of 57-25 and finishing first … Continue reading NBA of the Decade

Week Events 2/10

Monday-02/10 (A-Day Schedule)English II Inferno Readings – Lecture Hall – 8:00 amVideo Production Club – Room C103 – 8:00 amBaseball (Varsity) Scrimmage vs. New Braunfels – DSHS – 5:00 pmCheer Booster Meeting – Lecture Hall – 6:00 pmDance Team Audition Meeting – Cafeteria – 6:30 pmSoccer Booster Club Meeting – Old Field House – 6:30 pmTuesday-02/11 (B-Day Schedule)English II Inferno Readings – Auditorium – 8:00 … Continue reading Week Events 2/10