POETRY: Silence Poem

Silence hides in the age of noise

Covering behind man-made intrusions

The value of silence either ignored or forgotten

Without a little silence we are all confused 

Yet as the outside world bustles there remains one silence

A voice in your head that speaks with no sound

That guides you through your turmoils of days

It speaks louder than anything and always stays 

Yet some people attempt to suppress and smother their voice

Afraid or ignorant of the truth it yearns to tell

Maybe our greatest enemy is self-revelation

An endless corridor of dreams and pains in a towering hotel 

Is our brain a ticking time bomb itching to blow?

Or does suppression inadvertently cause depression?

Why do we envy the birds and their skies?

Because they do not have to pay thought to their minds.

By Clay Patterson, Contributor

Patterson writes, “I’ve always had a knack for writing and the short and quick format of poems have allowed me to write without worrying too much about finishing a project. I’ve written short stories, but I feel more confident in my poems as they material was written with more belief and emotion behind it than the stories.”

Featured photo by Amy Tran on Unsplash

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