Choir Out-Sings Contestants at UIL Competition

On Saturday, 49 choir students represented Dripping Springs High School Choir at UIL Solo and Ensemble Competition held at McCallum High School. Students were asked to learn a solo or ensemble piece of varying difficulty levels, memorize this piece, then perform for a judge to receive a rating.

In total, there were 26 soloist Superior Ratings out of 36 solo entries, and 3 ensemble Superior Ratings out of 5 ensemble entires. A Superior Rating is the best score a student can receive.

Below are the results:

Superior Ratings – Class 3 Piece (Least Difficult)

  • Isaiah Hoffman (9th)
  • David Perez-Villarreyes
  • (9th)Sarah Sharman (11th)
  • Cole Thomas (9th)
  • Avery Vickrey (9th)

Small Tenor-Bass Ensemble: Tate Anderson, Isaiah Hoffman, Daniel McIver, David Perez-Villarreyes, and Cole Thomas (all 9th grade) 

Superior Ratings – Class 2 Piece (Medium Difficult)

  • Brooke Abramson (11th)
  • Ariela Barron (9th)
  • Skye Chapman (12th)
  • Liliana Dyck (9th)
  • Aibha Jennings (9th)
  • Caleb Owens (10th)

Small Treble Ensemble:Ariela Barron, Teresa Brod, Madeline Cox, Harley Hunt, and Kate Nolen (all 9th grade)

Superior Ratings – Class 1 Piece (Most Difficult) **These students qualify for Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition

  • Sarah Banks (12th)
  • Arianna Bentz (11th)
  • Sloan Handley (10th)
  • Brody Lane (10th)
  • Josie Mau (11th)
  • Kyndal Miethke (11th)
  • Alyssa Nimocks (11th)
  • Kate Nolen (9th)
  • Alyssa Schaefer (11th)
  • Portia Schaeffer-Preston (9th)
  • Sarah Schorp (10th)
  • Ella Schroeder (11th
  • )Claire Tole (11th)
  • Josh Tomashek (12th)
  • Juliana Ussia (12th)

The Jazz Cats also competed as a Medium Ensemble on their piece “Moon River,” and received a Superior Rating.

Camille Carder (11th) made a Superior Rating on her Class 1 Piano Solo in the piano portion of the UIL contest, and also qualifies to advance to Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition!

From Courtney Neva, Choir Director

Photo by Taylor Will

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