Decisions Decisions: Why Classes Have to Be Picked So Early

Returning students have to decide their upcoming school schedule before spring break of 2020. But why so early? Well one reason behind early scheduling is to determine potential new classes.

“When they make their request we have to have everything done, which means every student 8th-11th grade has to have their full request done before we leave for spring break. The reason it’s so early is when we come back from spring break, the AP’s and Mrs. Gamez look at the numbers of requests, maybe for forensic science, and if we don’t have enough that it’s going to make a full course, like a full class load, which is typically 15 or higher, then that class goes away.” Lead Counselor Retta Ary said.

New classes being started in the high school are based on how many students sign up for the class. If not enough students sign up for a potential class then the class is not created. 

“A lot of it does depend on how many responses we get,” Ary said, “if we say we want to offer a basket weaving class but only four kids sign up for it then we wouldn’t do that”.

According to Mrs. Ary, if a student wants to have a new class instituted, then one would have to talk to teachers and staff and pitch the idea of the class. 

“I get surprised every year,” Ary said, “We are going to offer a forensic science class that will be pretty big, graphic design and illustration like digital media world, [and] they want to start a marketing advertising program kind of a spin off of business.”

By Grey Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

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