In’s and Out’s of Year-Round Schooling

No more summer vacation. No more two weeks of winter break, no more Thanksgiving break; no more road trips or family vacations. This is what the average student would face if year-round schooling were to be put in place, but the academic advantages may outweigh the loss of these breaks.  

As standardized tests have proven, students have trouble retaining information over extended breaks like summer vacation, so a solution has been posed: students must stay in school for 45 days and get a 15 day break, cycling over and over again throughout the entire year. Although Dripping Springs ISD is in no immediate danger of this happening, teachers in the district feel that there may be some advantages to this system. 

“Academically, it would help a lot of kids,” Jaqueline Compean, biology teacher, said. 

Compean has a unique perspective on this argument, as her high school tested out year-round schooling for two years. 

“It would help a lot of younger kids, especially with reading,” Compean said.

Compean explained that many younger children in school struggle with retaining reading skills over summer break, and that this continuous cycle of schooling would nullify that issue.

“However, I know for me, I needed that summer break to recharge and be with my family,” Compean said.

Compean emphasizes that these extended breaks leave time for students to separate themselves from school and focus on themselves as an individual rather than characterizing themselves as solely a student. 

“Vacations can be just as enriching as education,” Compean said. 

“Overall, I did not like year-round school,” Compean said. “[I] would not want it for the high school.”

By Madeline Tredway, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Savannah Karas

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