Debate Takes 15 Students to State

An unprecedented 15 state qualifiers from speech and debate are going to state. In order to qualify, students must place in the top rankings at TFA approved tournaments and gain a total of twelve points. The state competition will be held in El Paso, Texas from March 5-7.

State Qualifiers:

  • Eli Craddock – Humorous Interpretation
  • Amanda Davis – World Schools Debate
  • Patrick Englehart – Public Forum Debate and Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Lizzie Galassini – Congressional Debate
  • Chris Gearing – Policy Debate
  • Daniel Hearne – World Schools Debate
  • Jackson Kaiser – Public Forum Debate and Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Lily Claire Kroll – Congressional Debate
  • Campbell Melton – Congressional Debate and Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Chase Menjivar – World Schools Debate
  • John Mihaly – Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Katherine Mihaly – Policy Debate
  • Tirth Patel – Public Forum Debate
  • Disha Vazir – Public Forum Debate
  • Riley Wheaton – Original Oratory

By Cady Russell, Online and Social Media Editor

Featured photo from DSHS Speech and Debate on Twitter

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