Hi-Steppers First Contest Major Success

In their first contest, the Hi-Steppers took home several awards. They compete again on February 22 at Henderson High School in Pflugerville. The state competition is scheduled for February 29 at TSU State in San Marcos, and nationals are scheduled for March 9 in Los Angeles, California.

Below are the list of awards:

Officer Awards:

  • Super sweepstakes ( 94 or better from all judges)
  • 3rd place Officer Contemporary
  • 1st place officer hip hop & modern
  • 7th place overall Showcase Elite Officers out of 13 teams
  • Crowdpleasers award for officer hip hop & modern
  • Choreography awards for officer contemporary, modern, and hip hop

Team Awards:

  • Super sweepstakes ( 93 or better from all judges) 
  • 1st place Team Hip Hop
  • 3rd place Team Jazz & Lyrical
  • Choreography awards for team hip hop, jazz, and lyrical
  • Technique award for Team Hip Hop
  • 10th place overall Showcase Elite Teams out of 35 teams

From Tracy Neef

Featured photo by Kyra Heflin

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