I notice it rained last night as I feel the weight of raindrops on my fragile stem. They roll down to the thick grass, filtering through my roots. What a delicious breakfast!! I make sure my family is around me. There they are, three delicate daisies, moved softly by the wind.  The sky is filled with all sorts of colors, like an exploded rainbow, from soft yellows to intense pinks. The quiet but present wind shakes me in the morning atmosphere. What a beautiful day!

Suddenly the ground beneath us starts to slightly shake, I can feel something coming. Why do we have to have problems so early in the morning?  It’s a big furry creature with huge ears coming out of its head. Please don’t get near us, please go away, please. I whisper to myself with fear, trying to avoid the thought of my little girls being crushed by this unwanted hairy thing. I’ve never seeing such a strange creature; it hops around and stops to smell the ground. I feel his presence right above us, the air that comes out from his nose shakes us back and forth violently as it leans down. I feel his black wet nose sweating over our subtle petals. Right when I thought little Mary’s stem wouldn’t hold on much more this terrifying thing leaves hopping as quickly as possible shaking the ground one more time.  I sigh with relief, that was so close! 

The day goes on, after that frightening experience we try to regain the calm and serenity of our lives in this cozy valley. As the light of the sun filters through the branches of the powerful trees, I enjoy the warm feeling in my little body. In the early hours of the morning you can hear all of the crows cawing, and the cardinals chirping. When the weather gets cold I know personally I will not miss being woken up early by the sounds of the many birds. A pond gleams through a thin fringe of trees. It was a long narrow pond and across it the land rose up in a wooded hill crowned with power lines. In the far distance I notice mountains, thrusting spires of naked rock into the heavens so high that you would believe the sky was pierced.

I look over at my girls; Mary, Alice and June. I’m the one that has been around for more time, so I’ve always considered myself the older one, there for, the one in charge. Although we are all sisters. Alice and June are the same size and they look very similar. Their sun-like yellow disk is surrounded by 15 to 30 white petals held on by a thin green steam. Mary is a little more unique, her steam seems to be having a harder time reaching the size of the rest of us and in the center of her disk lays a pink dot, giving her a cute innocent look.

As I observe everything with wonder my happiness is interrupted as I see from the corner of my eye this huge presence approaching us in a very violent and laud way. Its big feet, stomp around everywhere obnoxiously. His long hairless arms hang by his side, marking the rhythm of his steps. My first instinctual feeling is fear, my whole innocent body begins to shake. What is this creature? Never have I ever seen such a thing. Is it marching towards here?  I feel the ground shake, just like before, but this time it’s a thousand times louder and more upsetting. He starts getting closer and closer, suddenly he stops right in front us. He blocks the sun as he watches us, for what seem to be the longest seconds of my life. What is he doing? I don’t even want to imagine how little Mary is feeling. Suddenly one of his arms moves forward and with his fingers he starts touching Mary. NOOO I yell with anger. But of course he can’t hear me. I thought her pain was over when he quickly grabs her little stems and yanks  it out of the ground, pulling her roots and some dirt with him. Some of her guts reach me. He smiles, satisfied. What kind of monster is this? PUT HER DOWN!!! I demand, hopelessly. He grabs her tightly with his left hand and reaches down again to get Alice and June. Their roots fight hard and try to stick to the ground as much is possible. I feel their pain as this creatures tares them from our home. The moment he reaches down for me I feel his enormous sweaty hands tangle around my rough steam and tear me into two, destroying me completely, along with my home. An excruciating feeling of pain and anger forms through my  whole body wishing I was big so I could get away and save my sisters. He stands up straight and starts walking back the way he came from. The four of us are tangled and squished together in his rough heavy hands in a painful way. As we walk away from our little patch of land I can see the landscape I observe every day, from the long blue pond and the powerful tall trees to the distant mountains, this time from a completely different perspective. I still don’t understand what is going on. TAKE US BACK!!, I urge, hopelessly. After what seems like forever he takes us into a closed building, I assume it’s his house. He lays us violently on a freezing surface. I watch him with fear, wishing  I was a bird that could just fly away. Abruptly this horrible creature grabs some sharp things and lifts Mary up. He grabs her little leaves and starts cutting them off. NOO. I can’t look, this must be a bad dream. Why is he torturing my innocent and delicate sister? After he’s done that terribly painful treatment to all of us I thought our suffering was over but he decides to put us In a tiny cup filled with water and let us drown there. I can’t believe this is true. He places us, or what is left of our original selves, on a window sill. Our white mutilated petals barely reaching the surface. As I look up, out of the window I can still see the blue long pond, the powerful trees and the distant mountains.

Story by Marina Placer, Contributor

Placer writes, “I am an exchange student from Spain. I am a junior and I enjoy reading and writing.”

Featured photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

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