Creative Minds: Student’s Discover Identity of Creative Writing Program

The Creative Writing program was started in 2016 by Katy Eyberg, and continues to grow and has become a larger part of this school

“A lot of schools offer a creative writing programs, and literary magazines are pretty common amongst high schools of this size.” Katy Eyberg, creative writing teacher, said, “I think with the size that we were growing to at the time and the interest that the admins had heard from the students helped to grease the wheels.”

The creative writing program appeals to many people because of both our literary magazine, the Meraki, and that it was dedicated entirely to writing for fun.

“What made me want to join creating writing was the class itself,” Travis Myhand, senior, said, “I was really interested in getting to have a whole class just about creative writing because that was something I always wish we did more of in English, and getting to help make the Meraki sealed it.”

The biggest changes in the Creative Writing program is the growth that it has experienced throughout its short life.

“When I first started [the Creative Writing program], it was a class of 24 students I believe, just one class and they did everything from doing the activities we do in class with the different styles of writing to doing the first ever literary magazine, volume one,” Eyberg said, “and that was just one accomplishment that year. We also held one open mic night in the spring, so everything that has happened since then has really been just the growth of what was there before hand with that first year.”

Eyberg also has her students submit their stories to outside of school competitions as practice and an opportunity to see if their writing piece can go further.

“If you want to be a writer you need to get your writing out there,” said Eyberg. “The deeper point to that is that if you are serious about writing and if you are serious about improving your writing then you need to get people to read your writing and give you feedback.”

By Nathan Longenecker, Contributor

Featured photo by Cady Russell

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