All I Want For Christmas is to Get Into College

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again; a season full of Christmas cookies, lighting the menorah, family drama, and college applications. Although we should be enjoying our time off, hanging out with the people we love, and getting in the holiday spirit, the majority of us will have nothing but college decisions on our minds. Applications are due, decisions are approaching, and the future is inevitably upon us. So here’s the question we all need to ask ourselves: how do we keep from going crazy in this period of anticipation? And while I can’t give you a cure or regimen to the anxiousness we’re all feeling, here are some words of advice from former DSHS students who’ve all experienced and survived this time of existential dread. 

“The waiting process in between hearing back from the schools you’ve applied for (can be up to a few months) is your time to really to evaluate all of your options. Go visit the campus, meet the people who go there, and really explore the surrounding town, and definitely the costs! Just stay super open-minded, and if your first school doesn’t end up working out for whatever reason, to go with the currents and know that better things are coming! Adapt quickly, and make the most of where you are! Also, the best advice is to find an environment you love, beyond the campus itself, because a college can be super great and also be in the middle of nowhere!” -Kristina Huynh 

“Just know that no matter where you get, in or where you get denied, it’s all for a reason, and if you got denied that means you just aren’t meant to go there. Also, keep in mind you can transfer wherever, so if you end up really not enjoying your first semester/year you can transfer to somewhere else.” -Destry Dewitt 

Don’t stress over it too much, you will get into college, it may not always be the one you want, but everything happens for a reason!” -Katie Daniel

“I would say the main thing is to check/look into everything and make sure your bases are covered. So in the event that you don’t get into the school you applied to/wanted, you’re not stuck with zero options. Do your research to make sure you’re good with the school you applied to and if you’re not sure if you’ll get in, pick some backups. After that, it really is just about waiting but that shouldn’t be too stressful if you feel confident in your application and/or the schools you applied to. Remember that stress is a self-constructed reaction and you don’t have to deal with it if you choose not to!” -Peyton Chipman 

I think overall, what they’re trying to say is that the future is inevitably out of our hands, so long as we put our best into whatever it is we are trying to achieve. And although that can be what is truly so scary about this time in our lives, everything that happens to us is meant to happen to us. 

By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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