Adam Sandler Brings Chanukah Into Holiday Light

Adam Sandler is an American comedian, actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and musician. You may know him from movies like “Happy Gilmore” or “Billy Madison.” Sandler is known for his clever yet obvious comedy and has the ability to make a viewer fall in love with a character in a second. Sandler got his start in showbiz on Saturday Night Live, here he expanded his reputation and ability to write. Sandlers claim to fame on SNL was when he performed an original song titled “The Chanukah Song” during a segment on SNL back in its prime. 

Now, his original song, “The Chanukah Song” may lead you to assume that Sandler is Jewish. That assumption would be correct.  Sandler is very proud to be Jewish and puts it on display constantly. His song, “The Chanukah Song” was just the beginning of Sandlers many successful attempts to bring Jewish holidays to the mainstream. In the song he sings about how the holiday season is mainly centered around Christmas. The song also touches on the subject of being the only one in your town who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, which is a big deal for the Jewish youth. Sandlers song was such a smash hit that he went on to make three more Chanukah songs, creatively titled: “The Chanukah Song Part 2,” “The Chanukah Song Part 3,” and “The Chanukah Song Part 4.” Sandlers song brought awareness to the holiday and added to the very short list of Chanukah songs the Jewish people can sing during the holiday season. 

Sandlers second biggest attempt to bring Chaunkah to the mainstream was his Chaunkah movie titled, “Eight Crazy Nights.” In the animated holiday film Sandler voiced the two main characters and was joined by stars like Rob Schneider and Cole Sprouse. The film is based in the fictional town of Dukesberry, New Hampshire where protagonist Davey Stone (Adam Sandler) lives. The plot and overall quality of this film is actually really good. It still has very cheesy elements, as all holiday movies have, but it incorporates these cliches in seamlessly funny ways. The plot of the film is centered around Davey Stone and his troublesome actions. Eventually his antics get him into legal trouble and he is forced to spend the holiday season helping the community or face jail time. Throughout the movie Stone’s holiday cheer is revived with the help of the community. Although this movie was a complete flop at the box office and received a score of 12 percent on rotten tomatoes it shed light on Chanukah and almost brought it all the way to the mainstream. 

Although the majority of society seems to focus on Christmas during this time of the year, the Jewish community deserves killer movies and songs like these.

By Andrew Spiegel, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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