A New Era of Basketball

Tiger basketball is back and ready as ever as they get their 2019-20 season kicked off. Last year the team went 15-6 and made it two rounds into the playoffs losing to Houston in the second round. This year with the loss of assistant coach Travis Craine, and new addition coach Thomas Acker, the team will use the young weapons they have to evolve into a new way of play. The style they wish to achieve is a faster pace but able to be controlled by an offense.

Senior and starting shooting guard Xavier Phillips said, “We can all score the ball in many different ways, and we have adapted to a new style of a faster on court play.”

Coach Acker had previously been a head coach at San Marcos High School since 2012. He is very defensively focused and he is looking to drastically improve the defensive side of this year’s team.

Varsity manager Jacob McMullen said, “Our defense is definitely better this year thanks to Coach Acker pushing the players and making them come out of their comfort zones making a team that is more two way than ever.”

As Tiger Basketball takes these improvements and incorporates them they’re looking at a team that could do some damage this season and come on top of their competition.   

By Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

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