Q&A With the Wrestling Team

Chrystian Zamora 

Q: What does wrestling mean to you?

A: “I feel like I kind of was born to do it and I feel like everybody on my team feels the same way.”

Q: What’s it like wrestling for Dripping?

A: “Our team is just super good about keeping each other happy and like focused we all take care of each other.”

Q: “What are your goals and aspirations this year.”

A: “Be state champs all around.”

Daylon Cruz

Q: What is it like to be a wrestler for Dripping Springs?

A: “For Dripping springs, being a wrestler in general does teach you a lot that a lot of other sports wouldn’t you know and it kinda pushes you.”

Q: What has wrestling taught you?

A: “Just taught me how to get stuff done”

Catalina Miller

Q: “Can you tell me one of your most favorite memories of wrestling”

A: “Probably being on a team and going to state.” “Whenever we have tournaments we always go and get Olive Garden after with the team.”

Q: How difficult is it?

A: “Wrestling is definitely a different breed of people, I don’t think that its a sport for everyone because it takes a specific type of mentality to be able to put yourself through all like the physical strain and be able to keep pushing through in those matches. So it’s definitely hard but it’s doable. I mean I never thought wrestling was something I would ever do in my life and it’s just something that happened and I was like, hey I kinda like this.” 

Q: What makes Dripping Springs so unique in wrestling”

A: “This is our second year having a female wrestling program, so its still new. It’s unique, where I notice a lot of other schools that have wrestling teams they don’t let the girls wrestle the guys in practice and I think that being able to wrestle the guys has actually made me a better wrestler.”

By Grey Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Alyson Brownson-Welch

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