What You Don’t Know About the VSCO Trend

Nicknamed after the VSCO photo editing app , the scrunchie-wearing, crop-top-clad VSCO girl has come to dominate the internet. Some VSCO girls — who are primarily teens — are popular influencers, like Emma Chamberlain, while others are your typical high-school girl on the street.

A VSCO girl by definition is a teenager that wears oversized t-shirts paired with Lululemon shorts, Birkenstocks, scrunchies, stand up for several environmental issues,  and owns a Hydro Flask. The app VSCO is an app where teens go to edit their photos, where they can publish it, and then see other artistic photos that others on the app have taken, edited, and published. The app was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutzein in 2011, but the whole VSCO girl trend only started in July of 2019. However, the whole trend is not necessarily entirely on the app, most of it has moved over to the social media video app Tik-Tok that is used for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

“I was on the app before the whole trend started, I’ve had the app since 6th grade.” freshman Tate Daughtery said, “I only used it for editing my photos, but the app is still pretty much the same. Just because the VSCO girl trend happened doesn’t mean that the app has necessarily changed for some reason. People are still uploading cool, artistic photos so it is more than just a personality.”

The app has gotten free publicity from the VSCO girl trend being blown way out of proportion. Over the summer, the photo-editing app VSCO got more organic, word-of-mouth exposure than it’s received in its entire eight-year existence, all thanks to a meme: the “VSCO girl.” Much of the VSCO girls and memes with everything that they entail have moved over to Tik-tok so if you were to download the app you wouldn’t see much about them on there.

“If I had the chance to get rid of the app, I don’t think that I would  because it is fun to scroll through the app to see a lot of cute couples, and relatable things on there.” freshman Sam Kahle said, “I just think that it is dumb that the whole thing has turned the app into somthing terrible because the whole trend has gotten to be really annoying, and something just overall bad when it is supposed to be just an editing app where you publish something.”

Most of the girls who are with the trend own some type of eco-friendly straw, trying to bring up the issue of turtles dying due to eating plastic straws after mistaking it for food.

“The whole app has grown so much from something really small, to where almost everyone knows about it, and probably most everyone has it.” Kahle said, “I think that the app has a big positive outcome, yes because it has brought up a lot of environmental issues, and helped people be more aware of that, but it is taken just really as a joke.”

So even thought the whole trend has become a meme, in ways it has advertised issues that needed to be addressed.

By Brooklyn Hagblom, Contributor

Featured photo by Ramsey Hutton

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